Horror movies and TV series

Watched Talk To Me which was very good. I didn't know anything about this movie before watching it. This is a Australian A24 movie about kids that get a high out of playing with a magic hand that calls the dead. One of the few Australian films with a non white lead I have seen that wasn't about race.

Anyway the cursed object that calls the dead has been done many times before but this felt refreshing. The movie was very creepy. The acting was very good. The camera work was good.

The reason why these kids were playing with the hand was dumb but these are dumb kids. I could believe kids would do stupid stuff like this for the clicks and views.

I give the movie 8 toes to suck on out of 10. Toe sucking, very scary.

Talk to Me is high on my list of movies to watch. May have to save it for a horror movie night though.

Watched New Religion a shutterbox original movie. This is a Japanese horror film about a mother that is seeing her dead daughter because a moth man did something.

I didn't like this movie. I didn't understand it. I don't know why anything happen. I know they were going for weird but the movie didn't give us anything. Where did moth man come from? Why is moth man pushing people to do bad things? Why is the movie called New Religion? How many monsters are there? Are the monsters being controlled by a human? Was the mom always a sex worker or did she become one after her kid died?

This movie was very slow burn that didn't connect any dots. So I give this movie 2 shrugs out of 10. There is short story and poem about a insect that dreams it is a man, or a man that dreams he is a insect. The movie references this but doesn't make any kind of statement about it. There is a bug man but never does he contemplates whether he is bug or man or both.

So this movie is just way beyond me or just super stupid.

Watched Elevator Game on Shudder. I'm kind of a sucker for creepypastas and their adaptations. Those are very much a mixed bag, but this one's definitely at the low end of the quality bar. They add in an explicit explanation for why the game exists, which doesn't land well. Probably the biggest problem is that they turn it into a basic ghost/creature feature for the back half, but the makeup of the creature manages to be both generic and bad, to the point where it actively took me out of things whenever it was on screen, which was kind of frequently. They could have done a lot more by keeping it off screen, but nope, they paid for those makeup effects, so they were gonna use them.

Definite avoid.

Watch What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 and thought it started weak but ended strong. Overall probably the weakest season but I still loved it overall.