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Baron Of Hell wrote:

Man do I want cheeseburger.

As long as it's made with love.

OH also, I finally watched that new Evil Dead trailer and DAMN. That looks promising!

Watched Fall over the weekend based on the recommendations right here in this thread and loved it. I can't remember the last time a movie made my hands actually feel clammy!

They do the sense of extreme height so well. I don’t know your knees and legs go a bit tingly and weak when you’re next to a long drop. Mine do and I was getting that feeling regularly throughout the film.

For me it's a feeling in the pit of my stomach, like a weird floaty feeling, and this movie totally caused it. Just so well done. I can't even imagine what it would have been like watching in a theater or even IMAX with the movie taking up your entire view.

I'm so glad you liked it, d4m0!

The thing for me was that everything looked so real. If they had told me the actors actually climbed all the way there to shoot the movie, I would have believed it. Plus, I am not a fan of heights, so the movie pushed all the right buttons to unnerve me.

I also got both that tingly feeling in arms and legs, and the pit-of-my-stomach feeling, both of which I also experience every time a climb a high tower in the Assassin Creed games, and every time I do a leap of faith.

Sick (Peacock) was a pretty decent slasher film. The movie takes place in the early days of covid where two girls head out to a lake house to quarantine. Little do they know they're being stalked by a killer.

I love the movie poking fun at the early days of covid where they point out some of things that might seem a bit foolish now. Like using hand sanitizer after leaving a store. Or if you're going to walk past someone you take a wide berth around them.

There's some decent writing here. It's not quite Scream levels but decent enough. And it is basically another Scream but with a much smaller cast. The characters also know how to Double Tap, at least some of the time. And that's always refreshing in horror films as you know that the killer is going to keep coming if you don't.

The movie is pretty short too. I think just under 90 minutes and that's the perfect length. It's not doing anything we haven't seen before so gets in and out before overstaying its welcome.

So recommend this one.

Also have to say Peacock really does get the commercials thing right compared to other streaming services with ads. For any movie you basically get 3 minutes of commercials at the start of the film then nothing else. For a movie that has a pretty good pace near the end commercials intruding would have hurt it.

I'm curious about Sick, seeing as it is co-written by Kevin Williamson, but I'll do well not to expect another Scream (in terms of quality, I mean).