Psychonauts 2

GWJ Conference Call 777

Psychonauts 2 (GamePass XboxSX/PC), Twelve Minutes Update (PC), Black Book (PC), GamesCom, and more!

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Amanda, Rich, Shawn, and Glendon talk about the games they’ve been playing and the 2021 GWJ Donation Drive!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:01:24 Psychonauts 2
00:19:16 Twelve Minutes
00:31:06 Black Book
00:41:20 Gamescom
00:45:30 GWJ Donation Drive

Oh no, it's an episode with Shawn and Rich!!!

Really appreciated the talk on content warnings, thought you were all spot on. And one of the complaints I've been seeing floating around on Twitter boils down to "why is Boyfriend Dungeon getting so much flak when 12 minutes is a billion times worse?" In the end, and you folks nailed it, it's mostly because the audiences of all those games are just vastly different.
AO3 is actually very good in that regard, because it leaves room to explore all these "delicate" themes. Because it can be very therapeutic to test boundaries, deal with these issues, talk about them. There's room for it, and it serves a purpose.
One of the criticisms I routinely level at Doki Doki Literature Club is that it exists purely for shock value. There's no message, they're not trying to spread information and understanding, it's just there for emotional whiplash. And the initial content warning when the game dropped was literally "if you're overly sensitive, don't play this game" until they got some major pushback on their flippant attitude.

About the upcoming releases, I was SUPER excited to hear about the Saints Row reboot. They'd kinda painted themselves in a corner with the last one, and it's a smart move to start afresh. I'm really looking forward to playing multiplayer with my local group of friends, especially since one of them is so fond of explosions (he's a Torgue guy in Borderlands and in Unrailed, he always goes for the dynamite cart - oh and he sets things on fire in Overcooked).


Edit: GWJ Fantasy Town? With a map by Pyxi?? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS IS A THING? That's just AMAZING!!!! (pssssst, can we have the link in the show notes? Pretty please with a cherry on top? Found it, it's right over here!)

I can't wait for the site upgrades. Who knows? Maybe quote will actually be edit!

Rat Boy wrote:

I can't wait for the site upgrades. Who knows? Maybe quote will actually be edit!

I feel personally attacked.

The donation drive swag looks amazing!

I appreciated Rich’s comment about feeling better connected thru the internet and GWJ during these lockdown times. I heartily agree! Even just lurking in on some convos in the threads has cheered me up at times (hope that doesn’t sound too weird). This is a special place.