General Donation Drive FAQ

General Donation Drive FAQ

Every year, for one month we promote our Donation Drive, where we have an active Patreon and Paypal to collect support from the community. After the month ends, we stop talking about money and support and get back to business as usual. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that might be helpful in understanding the details surrounding the Gamers With Jobs Donation Drive.

Where can I find the Donation Drive information for this year? Check out the Gamers With Jobs Donation Drive 2022 thread!

How do I donate to the site? Go to, enter an amount you’d like to pledge each month and your payment information, and you’re good. If you are an existing patron subscriber, now is a good time to make sure all the details are up to date. Thank you, you’re awesome!

What if my Patreon and GWJ emails don't match? Please email amanda (at) Include your forum name and both of your email addresses, and we'll make sure you get on the list!

What if I want to use PayPal? All good, just use the button at the bottom of this post! Please also note your forum name and requested donation tier with the PayPal submission so we can tag you in the forums and fulfill your donation tier!

I don’t live in the US, can I donate? Yes. According to Patreon’s FAQ, your funds will be converted to USD. Refer to Patreon's Help Center for further information.

Are tier rewards processed for a one-time payment or for payments accumulated throughout the year? Unfortunately, we aren't able to keep track of cumulative or periodic donations throughout the year. Additionally, we'd like to send out rewards as soon as possible. Therefore, reward tiers are determined at the close of the donation drive window. Tier rewards are based on a one-time payment snapshot of donors based on the following criteria:

Patreon: Anyone who is at a subscription level for the next upcoming billing date following the month of the drive. For example, the 2022 donation drive will run from September 7 - October 4, so if you're a $2 donor during that time, you will be eligible for a golden icon.

PayPal: Anyone who sent in a PayPal donation during the dates of the donation drive that meets any of the donor tiers. For example, in 2022, donate between September 7 and October 4.

Can I change my Patreon donation? You can always adjust your donation, up or down. We activate our monthly rewards based on whichever tier your donation falls into at the time, so if you want to get a specific reward, you can bump up your donation to receive it. Alternatively, if you need to trim some expenses, feel free to drop it down afterward. For example, in 2022, adjust your donation between September 2 and October 2 to ensure you qualify for the tier you want. Then, sometime later in October of 2022, change it back to not get charged again the next month. Patreon charges are processed on the 1st of every month, but will sometimes roll to the next business day if that falls on a weekend.

Cool, now what do I get for my money? Mostly, you get an awesome community. That, and articles, streams, podcasts, RPG stories, and a bunch of other stuff that hopefully you like and want to support. But, there are also rewards as well (see the Donation Drive post on the front page for this year's reward tiers).

Are icons still part of the deal? Heck yeah! Just donate $2.00 or more and we’ll tag you with the next-level icon. We have a few people in the community who have been with us for 20 years and have donated each year, so we couldn’t leave them hanging without a new look.

Sweet, when do I get my icon? This year, we’re going to start the tagging in early October once all donations are cleared. We'll do them all at once to make it easier to not miss anyone!

Are you doing Personalized Stans again? Since interest in this has tapered off significantly, it won't be offered as part of the official donation drive going forward. However, if you would like to get one made for you, please contact Amoebic via forum PM or via email at amanda (at) gamerswithjobs dot com to discuss getting one created. If you have already paid for a Personalized Stan, but haven't received it, please reach out so we can get that to you.

When does the Donation Drive end? Technically, we accept support year-round, and there will be a link to our Patreon on the site, but the Donation Drive itself and reward tiers are only tracked for one month.

Anything else? Probably. If you have anything else you’re wondering, drop a line in the comments of the Donation Drive post on the front page. You can also send Amoebic a PM, or reach out to amanda (at) We’ll try to get you an answer ASAP.

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