Psychonauts 2

I finished this off last night. I said in my first post that if it stays as good as the first 2 - 3 hours, then it will likely be my GOTY. Well, it only got better from there. It delivered everything I could have wanted as a fan of the original, and then took it even further.

I was impressed with how much more maturity and sensitivity in how they deal with each brain you enter. Sounds like it was something they were pretty dedicated to doing.

I doubt I'll aim to 100%, but at the very least will get the last 2 or 3 mind vaults I hadn't got to.

I just finished this, and I think halfwaywrong is completelycorrect.

Fantastic execution on a game franchise that I never thought I'd see again. Gorgeous stylized levels to roam around. Delightful storytelling with just the right amount of dry wit. Mournfully "broken" individuals in many different ways, each of which needed - and received - mental healing in just the way that Raz could offer (this aspect of the game may be what I hang on to the most).


Helmut's "getting the band back together" set of levels was so much fun to play through.

And Bob's reconciliation with his past on a deserted island was so heartwrenching.

I beat the game this evening, and as a fan of the first one LOVED nearly every moment.

I didn't discover until after I beat the game that you can upgrade your powers through the guidebook. I also loved how you can control the scroll speed of the credits with the left thumbstick.

Now to decide just how much more stuff I want to collect.

Wait. Waitwaitwait. You beat the game without upgrading your powers at all??

Eh, the only upgrades that are any good are the bouncy ball and dark thoughts. And those are only really good for collecting stuff.

merphle wrote:

Wait. Waitwaitwait. You beat the game without upgrading your powers at all?? :shock:

Well I did have pins, but yes.

The Psi-King level is just :chefkiss:

I loved the art style of that one, but felt it overstayed it’s welcome a bit and found myself wishing it was a tad shorter.

Beat it.

Game of the year so far.