Another Day, Another Data Breach-All

In light of yet another big-profile data breach, this time at T-Mobile, I figured we could use a place to report on and discuss data breaches and company responses. For personal security conversations, passwords, etc., check out the Password Security Catch-All

19 August 2021 - T-Mobile
6 October 2021 - Twitch

As for the T-Mobile breach, I'm at least impressed by their quick discovery/disclosure. They discovered it on August 17 and reported it at least by August 19 and immediately offered 2 years of McAfee ID Theft Protection to customers. I don't know how well those work, but T-Mobile does seem to be more proactive in their response than I've seen from others.

Speaking as a 35 or so year Sprint customer, T-Mobile has their act together, and - importantly - service has improved. I'm cautiously optimistic.

T-Mobile brands themselves as being more about their customers than Verizon and AT&T, so their quick response is good to see, for once.

They have also greatly expanded Sprint’s network, which is nice. It was already very useful for places I had to go to, and definitely not as over-subscribed as Verizon Mobile, but it’s better now.

Yeah usually these things can take months to come to light. I don't remember now which one was in 2019 or so, but there was a class action thing and we chose the year of id theft protection service instead of money. And I think the money ran out, so we made the right choice I guess.

There's only a couple places I save a credit card and I use those to pay other merchants or bills when I can.

I think that was the Equifax breach in 2017. We took the protection service as well. I’ve already started the process for what T-mobile is offering, but haven’t seen the getting started email yet.

Yeah but 3 significant breaches in recent memory from T-Mobile doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Friendly reminder that is still out there as a great resource.

Credit to Merphle for sharing in the password thread, Twitch has suffered a massive data breach and leak.

Here are a few other sources I found on it

The Verge Massive Twitch Data Leak & Twitch Confirms Data Breach
BBC Report
Twitch Official Tweet

If you play New World... Ummmm I'm not sure if you should right now:

Players have discovered how to inject HTML code into the game, allowing them to dupe gold and crash player clients.

The crashing clients is worrisome. If they let this slip through who knows what else slipped through.

Does anyone playing their online games in virtual machines?