Call of Duty: Vanguard - Catch All

We got the official teaser today for the next CoD.

PS5 players can get a taste this weekend

Was watching some MP play videos today, and I realized that it's genuinely a bit weird that games like this keep on giving WWII-era weapons modern weapon modifications, isn't it?

Like, I get why they do it (1.) $$$$$ 2.) Players basically expect it now) and criticizing a CoD game for not being realistic is like slamming Point Break for not accurately depicting law enforcement, but still!

In like eight months I'm going to see some Vanguard mission up on YouTube with someone describing it as "sooooo realistic!" and I'm going to just have to lie down.


I saw this in my local supermarket today, but I've heard nothing about it since the last post on this thread.

Is there a single-player campaign for this game? is it - and the multiplayer - any good? I think I played CoD: World War II when it was free on Playstation Plus, and I found the campaign to be perfectly serviceable (though not good enough to merit a replay).

There is a campaign and word is that it's good. I've not started it yet due to being sucked into BF2042.

I'm 4 or 5 missions in and it is pretty good. MP is CoD. Probably one of the better iterations though the post game animations get old real quick.

kazar wrote:

I'm 4 or 5 missions in and it is pretty good. MP is CoD...

Ah... Treat every game mode like Team Deathmatch, and circle the map endlessly.

I'll wait until is free on PS Plus...

It's always been a pet peeve of mine that CoD rewards kills over objectives. Vanguard really sticks this in your face when the choice of 3 for MVP at the end of Kill Confirmed are highest K:D ratio, most kills or most multi kills. No mention of tags.

I won't even play domination because the spawning has in the past been even worse than TDM. That said I just saw a TDM play-of-the-game where someone dies, respawns, instantly fires a shotgun without moving or turning and kills two enemies.

I know why there are unlocks on everything all the time but grinding guns through god knows how many levels to get the right attachments is... a grind. Getting 300LMG kills to unlock the character who can speed up your unlocks on an LMG- what is this?

I'm on Xbone and multiplayer does not feel smooth and even a bit of a devolution. I regularly get stuttering and loading symbols for the arrows on the mini map and can only start a game after there have been a few kills. My first game is usually joining a mid-match crushing which is very annoying when I'm off and on rather than playing for long stretches.

The shouty man shouting at you all the time about dogs, bombs, mortars, spies in the sky, the weather or whatever is too much. That info is valuable but I'll have to look into turning him off.

On games with larger numbers the amount of crap falling from the sky can be a real downer.

The pace is so fast the best players can really pile on.

Sorry for the moan dump but I'm gritting my teeth through a lot of this to play with friends. All that aside the MP is fine if you like CoD.

Not started the campaign but I've not finished the last two as some 'do or experience something terrible TM' part or a succession of them has put me off.

Cod never changes.

Domination is still by far my favorite but the new one, Patrol, is moving up there for me. It's essentially Domination with a single moving point. Oh if you enter a match in progress and you lose... its stat's aren't aren't used.

Personally, if it wasn't for the wealth of tiny bugs and of course the WW2 setting I'd think this was the best iteration yet.

While the camo grind is truly an annoying grind this time around because almost all weapons have 70 levels to reach max level, I've been finding the specialist grind fun. The only annoying bits for them are the penetration and close range kills required. I was able to get the squad skin unlock for the Shadow squad which is cool looking before stopping to play BF2042!





Which is where those small maps come in handy. The new map Ship Haus is just a notch bigger than Shipment which is back in all it's glorious form! These are the absolute best to get most of your weapon camo unlocks.

I also really dig the combat pacing options. If you want to play with large or small player counts you can select between 3 different ones that change the feel of the maps.

Disagree about CoD never changes. The last 3 iterations have had major changes, and while I've not started this one yet I'm super excited about getting through this campaign because they're to the point of being interactive movies. Just too short.

Sorry you're not having fun but at least for me they've been steps in the right direction.