Splitgate - Catch All

Splitgate is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that features player-controlled portals. This sci-fi shooter takes the FPS genre to a new dimension with its portal mechanics, delivering high-flying, multi-dimensional combat. IGN describes Splitgate as “Halo meets Portal."

Has anyone else got into this beta?

I know this calls is self Halo meets Portal. I would it feels more like Unreal Tournament to me. Which is surprising that I like it. I'm usually terrible at games like this but I have been mowing down people in this game. I'm sure it's because it's so new, but it makes me feel good. I had 27 of 50 kills in one match.

It's currently F2P and I'm sure it'll stay that way with all the cosmetics.

If anyone gets in my referral code is MH72N8

Nevermind, this game isn't that new. It's been playable for at least a year. Really don't know how I am decent at it then.

Downloading it now. Caught my eye after seeing a few streams of it. Will friend you up once I get a chance to play!

Saw some clips of this, it looks wild cool although some of the clips made me faintly dizzy. I may check it out, although I doubt I'd be able to put in enough time to get good.

It'll probably be easier to add friends with their in game friend code. Mine is 9YUA5NY3. Makes cross platform friends a lot easier to find.

enjoy playing this game hope cross platform comes out

I'm pretty sure cross platform is already happening. At least I know I'm seeing people with PS and Xbox controllers where my steam icon is showing up.

Played a bunch with Neutrino, Lobster, and Staygold! I'm Amoebic on steam, if we're not friends we should be. Here's my code


I've got the check the Discord more often to see if anyone is playing.

Why so little love for this game from "GWJers"...? Had a really great time last night with a few people from here and was curious to see what this community is saying about the game and I come to see nothing but crickets. A free to play, cross platform, arena shooter that's plays well, has a wide variety of maps, guns, game modes and a unique hook of implementing portals to really "innovate" the core game play but not many seem to be interested; at least no here. Thoughts...

My only guess is that it's been in early access for a while and it seems like it wasn't very good to start. So a lot of people have have tried it and bounced off back then.

My second guess is that being in early access means a lot of people are waiting for the actual release. I only say that because Hades made GWJ GOTY only after its official release.

It's not a BR? haha

Err... I agree with EverythingsTentative about the prolonged Early Access period. It could also be that the arena shooter renaissance isn't quite as "back" as we think it is?

Regardless, I'm also having quite a bit of fun with it. It's a very pleasant "side game" or palette cleanser.

My referral code is ZBQ4MC. Limited availability for a bit, but this game feels like my jam so I hope to come back to it. I'll be sure to check the Discord when I've got some time to play.

My friend code is 81XR9NXD. I play every now and then mostly late evenings (I'm on the West Coast of the US).

I decided to scratch usual games off my schedule and throw this game into my live streams tomorrow & Friday night. If you'd like to team up and don't mind your voice being heard or having me talk to invisible people then here are my deets:

Referral Code: EF3XC8
Friend Code: 2DZY5318

Today I learned the game gives both a referral code and a friend code.

So, lest my previous post leaves you thinking me a shill, my friend code is YVIJZWFX

gorilla wrote:

My referral code is ZBQ4MC. Limited availability for a bit, but this game feels like my jam so I hope to come back to it. I'll be sure to check the Discord when I've got some time to play.

And, yes, this game is my jam.

They just updated the UI for the game. I'm sad they split "Casual" and "Rumble" modes into just a singular group of 16 modes. I think they also dropped a bunch of the modes and are doing a similar thing to Overwatch Arcade where they rotate in one of the modes daily.

Sent FRs to the lot of you a few nights ago. Hope to be able to hook up for some matches!