Halo Infinite (insider 1st flight)

Theres no thread on Halo Infinite!!!!??, couldnt find it...
just want o know if any else has the invite for this 1st flight (or technical preview)??, I have the invite, but app inside xbox is on "pending" like everyone else on the internet who's in, servers getting hammered. I am not mad, I was expecting something like this, better to happen right now, then when they launch.
I'll keep trying to get the download, I can see many streamers already playing, so its a matter of time/luck to stabilize the load and be able to download this technical test, and this is for this purpose, test everything for launch later this year.
If anyone also has the invite for this flight, and for the next ones, add me as friend and get some bot stomps.
Cya Spartans.

gamertag: Sonrics (link on signature)

How do you apply to the insider preview?

Balthezor wrote:

How do you apply to the insider preview?

Go to halo waypoint


and use your microsoft sign in, and top right click and head to "Halo Insider Program", fill up the form, make sure to confirm your email, and get some luck for the next flight. This ends on monday.
This is only against bot, but I really, really like the weapons shooting, and movement, pure Halo.
Good luck