Pokemon Unite - MOBA

Didn't see a thread for this game, so here we go.

I'm quite impressed. I've been playing it a lot these last 2 days and finding it a good, light and snappy MOBA to play between other games. I'm finding it one of the more interesting Pokemon spinoffs lately.

How's everyone else feeling about it? Who are you playing? My "main" so far is Eldegoss because I usually play Support in League of Legends. I quite like the healing and tankiness they provide. It takes a lot of people off-guard!

I played a bit last night, seems like fun! It's lightweight and easy to play without being bland or predictable because of it, it feels good right from the start which hopefully bodes well as they add stuff down the track. 10 minute matches are very, very appreciated.

A bit worried about the monetisation, it's seems to have every variant all crammed in there, gacha mechanics, a season pass, boosts. You seem to get stuff quick early then it really slows down if you blast past the early game incentives and the various challenge rewards and such.

Also, Eldegoss is great! A nice, fun, active support. Always been a fan of the grass types in Pokemon.

Monetisation is a bit problematic, I agree. While you get everything you could possibly need to start playing and having fun (a solid number of Pokemon, too!), the 'held item' mechanic is a little too close to "pay to win" for my liking.

Essentially, you can equip your pokemon with 3 items with varying stat buffs and minor abilities. While these aren't terribly game-changing, they can be upgraded to improve your stats and provide more potent buffs with in-game currency. This, of course, can be bought with IRL money. I don't think these improvements are going to swing games, nor will they help a bad player win, but it's definitely not a great model for a game seemingly aiming at being (at least somewhat) competitive.

Outside of that, I think it's pleasantly robust for a free game. I'm more than happy to put aside a little bit of money every now and then for something like this. It's a good theme done well, and a totally unique spin on the MOBA genre.

Yeah, I heard of the P2W mechanic and haven't even bothered downloading. Might show it to my eldest though. but warn him of the P2W.

So, maybe I shouldn't show him as that's exactly how they'll end up taking my money.

So, uh, I really dislike MOBAs and I'm loving this. I think maybe the inherent limits in team communication strips out the toxicity. X-D there seem to be at least half a dozen or so Pokemon that are given freely by completing quest lines. I haven't encountered any gacha stuff, like combining duplicates to level things up or anything like that. Haven't spent any money and I've got three reasonable hold items at level 10 after just a couple days so I don't feel too disadvantaged. Time will tell!

Ok, yeah you guys are right, I can see the jagged edges on the currency system now. Also lots of folks using the gacha term so I guess that word covers all manner of free to play shenanigans. The competitive edge for paying might be small but it 100% exists. Still lots of fun to be had though, hope they don't learn the wrong lesson if it's a financial success, the game is super well designed and fun.

At the very least, I can say I've never had that feeling of "Oh that person has clearly levelled up their held items more than I".

This may be more of a problem months after release when newer players are on teams against one or two experienced players...But then again, the newer players would likely lose anyway. It's a weird one. Not something I'm happy about, but not something I'm convinced is a dealbreaker either.


Here's some info on the held item P2W mechanics. It looks like the general consensus is that the 20-30 upgrade is minor, so it's better to level all of your items to 20 before going for the next tier.

If you pick one or two Pokemon as your mains, I don't think this is too big of a deal. Better if you have a third that overlaps (e.g, playing Eldegoss, Snorlax and Slowbro who all benefit from Rocky Helmet).