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I might be too immature to watch weightlifting. Every time they talk about how good someone's snatch is or talk about jerking it, I laugh my ass off.

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I want to guess which 2016 Olympians' older siblings you knew!

Shouldn't be too hard.... I grew up swimming in Seattle and swam in college there, too.

If you're making us guess...

Nathan Adrian

Yep, I knew his older brother Justin from competing against him at the same meets for a decade or so. Nathan was too young and to the best of my knowledge I didn't ever actually met him. I had closer connections to swimmers in the early 2000-2012 range (same team, etc), and oddly Apolo Ohno, who was roughly the same age and swam on the same team growing up. But then he just stopped swimming at some point and I didn't think about him again until I had a serious wait a minute -- I think I know that person moment in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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I might be too immature to watch weightlifting. Every time they talk about how good someone's snatch is or talk about jerking it, I laugh my ass off.

I mean, you're not wrong......

Sounds more like a weight lifting problem to me.

People are always proposing the "have one regular person do each event to show how hard it is" idea. Tonight I realized the decathlon kind of gets the point across. A whole group of elite athletes who don't even come close to the people that specialize in these events. The shot put was done on a little baby version of the shot put range (and half of them were on an even babier version with shorter markings). They didn't even have the safety netting like the organizers just said "lol, not like you can throw it far enough to hurt anyone".

I'm pretty sure all the decathlon throwing events use lighter equipment too.

Edit: Ok, the normal shot put also doesn't have safety netting. I could have sworn they had it during the women's shot put but that's probably just me misremembering since I was watching hammer throw qualification at the same time.

I would've agreed with you on the Decathlon getting the point across until I discovered that Marathon Swimming is a thing.

They'd literally be pulling my waterlogged body out 20 minutes in.

Oh yeah, that stuff is crazy, even for someone who was a collegiate distance swimmer. One of my college teammates went on and participated in those events internationally after he finished school and just hearing him describe the events gave me anxiety.

So I'm sure the families of the athletes are bummed that they couldn't attend, but I kinda love the videos of the families cheering. I tear up way more often seeing how happy they are as opposed to past games where maybe one or two family members were able to make the trip and even then it was rare for them to be found in the crowd.

Simone Biles reveals her aunt unexpectedly died during the Olympics

Because, you know, if the pressure of being a 24 year-old greatest of all time gymnast in a COVID-19 Olympics as a rape survivor representing the organization that enabled your rapist wasn't enough pressure.

Oh sh*t, one of the karate events is called kumite. Hopefully Bolo Yueng isn't involved.

4 nights in a row of USA men's or women's basketball starting after midnight. 12:45 the last 3 nights. 12:15 tonight. I'm running on no sleep every day but I'm loving the hoops action. Both teams looking much better this week.

Crouser breaking his own world record, TWICE, in shotput. That was a hell of an impressive gold medal.

I've been wondering the last few days that the reason they do the WWE thing before the finals of some of these track and field events is so that the audience can take a moment or two to memorize the uniforms the athletes are wearing.

Australia is currently whipping the USA's asses something fierce.

Mostly shooting so far. 7-1 advantage on 3s. Need to keep it single digits before half

Aaaaaaaaaaand it's a 3 point game at the half.

And Durant taking over early 3rd quarter. Good guys up 4

And USA by 20 in the 3rd, and holding the lead all 4th. Nice!


I looked at this score 3 times.

1 - Australia up big early
2 - USA down 3 a the half
3 - Game over, USA obliterates Australia by 19

Ok gold medal France revenge game!

They don’t really believe in calling moving screens and wrestling. It’s a shame Shaq is retired, this is his game

Good 3rd quarter again, except the final minute.

Durant clutch FTs. Nice.


Women tomorrow

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Ok gold medal France revenge game!

I have been living in Denmark for too long. When I read this comment I thought you were talking about the France-Denmark Gold Medal handball match which France won (they lost it to Denmark in 2016 hence the revenge part).

I did watch a relay of that handball match this morning. Cool that Denmark guy broke most goals in a single Olympics record. But he really needed one more to tie it up at the end. Tough break

Still annoyed about it They really did not play well.
On the positive side, the Danish player Gidsel had a crazy tournament. Debuted on the national team less than a year ago, and since then he has played both a wild World Cup in January, and now in the Olympics, where it seems like he was rightfully picked as the best player of the tournament. Always nice to see that new players emerge, for when the next generational shift has to happen, and I can't recall seeing it this forcefully before.

Women's basketball!

Congrats to Japan on their first medal in the sport too. Impressive

Sitting here watching the game on tv and rooting for the underdogs, and then I realized it's not live and Japan already lost

Congratulations USA, for once again winning the most medals, and now the most gold.

We once again prove we have enough resources to pour ungodly amounts of money into sports we only care about once every four (or five, or presumably three) years. And all we have to do is ignore people dying of preventable diseases, our crumbling infrastructure, our profiteering war mongering, the use of prisoners as slave labor, the crisis of the unhoused, the crisis of resource hoarding by the 1%, our disastrous effects on the climate and the environment...


Hey, we are also #1 at worst and most expensive medical care! #winning

Women's volleyball won every elimination match in 3 sets. Talk about peaking at the right time.