Wildermyth - Catch The Gorgon All

I could not locate a specific thread for this gem. So here we go.

Let's discuss strategy, stories, and schedule some multiplayer!

What is Wildermyth you ask?

Worldwalker Games LLC wrote:

Wildermyth is a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG. Like the best tabletop roleplaying experiences, Wildermyth gives you choices and answers your every decision with consequences that drive your characters forward.

Lead a band of heroes as they grow from reluctant farmers into unique, legendary fighters. Combat unexpected threats and strange monsters across interactive battlefields. Unravel mysteries and share pensive moments in an ever-new fantasy setting that blends hard truths and sacrifice with humor and personal storytelling.

- Reminiscent of tabletop roleplaying, unique heroes are born in unique settings every game. They age, transform, fall in love, disagree, and make harrowing sacrifices.
- Each hero brings their own organic history and personality with them, but your choices and combat skills are what decide their paths and outcomes.
- All heroes die someday… but you get to hold on to your favorites. Reintroduce them in the next adventure, and over many lifetimes the myths you make will form your own legendary pantheon.

Just in case this gets traction, created a Steam group. Come one, come all.

Interesting Things wrote:

- According to the developer there is technically no limit on the number of players in multiplayer, but they suggest 2 - 5
- It supports Remote Play, so try before you buy is certainly possible

Anyone had a chance to try multiplayer? The single player campaign has totally got its hooks into me. There's a healthy pinch of XCom & Cardhunter in here. I can't tell yet if the complexity is ramping up in a fun and compelling way or if it flatlines or gets too complex or what.

Zebulon wrote:

Anyone had a chance to try multiplayer? The single player campaign has totally got its hooks into me. There's a healthy pinch of XCom & Cardhunter in here. I can't tell yet if the complexity is ramping up in a fun and compelling way or if it flatlines or gets too complex or what.

Well that worked out well. Multiplayer is pretty solid and fun.

Okay, really liking this after diving back in. Tried it out when it first released and got distracted, but now the combo of story and progression is quite engrossing.

I've seen a half dozen people with this game as new purchase in my Steam activity list. Interested, but the full price has me waiting.

Definitely on my wish list as well.

Sadly having trouble with it on my aged iMac. Crashes during game play and when loading a saved game. Bummer.

Godzilla Blitz wrote:

I've seen a half dozen people with this game as new purchase in my Steam activity list. Interested, but the full price has me waiting.

It supports Remote Play, so if you want to try before you buy, just reach out to someone who owns it and ask them to give you a taste. The first one is free.

Nothing here at the moment.

I’ve been playing this and having fun with it. I finished the first campaign on the standard difficulty, started the second on hard and promptly wiped out so I’ve restarted the second on normal again.

I didn’t realize until recently that you could craft any time you’re on a tile with a town, not just at the end of a chapter—my sense is that being more strategic about when to add characters to the party so that one or two characters are strong enough to handle tougher enemies and the equipment upgrades will be key to succeeding at higher difficulties.

I’m also curious to see how/if characters from previous runs will impact future ones.

Finally picked this up in Steam sale and played the first couple of intro tutorial battles today. It's refreshingly charming and plays fantastic. Looking forward to more.

Hurry up and get the Switch version out!

farley3k wrote:

Hurry up and get the Switch version out!

I couldn't wait. Figured there was some Steam workshop content that would give this game long legs too, if I'm so inclined.

225 items in there right now.

This game actually feels like it would be a lot of fun to mod. So I guess I'm not surprised by that number.

Stele wrote:

Finally picked this up in Steam sale and played the first couple of intro tutorial battles today. It's refreshingly charming and plays fantastic. Looking forward to more.

I like how previous adventurers and their stories are included in future ones. Makes it feel more like an ongoing world.

Still in chapter 1 of the first campaign. But wow a lot of fun tonight. Scouting new zones, attacking targets, fortifying targets, and recruiting a new party member. I even split the party ( I know, I know) to send my hunter back to recruit (safe) while my warrior and mage scouted a zone (less safe). But I got lucky and that zone had no building to attack or fortify so the party reunited on the way to scout a new zone, but 4 strong.

Had a crazy event with my mage though and now she's a



Was not expecting that but I chose the riskier option I think. Then another story event my hunter got separated from the group. I took a risk and now his vision is changed forever.

We'll see how those choices end up. So far they both seem positive.

Finally getting close to my first incursion at the end of the night. So I'm heading to bed but hope to try out that element tomorrow.

This thing really feels different and fun. ,,

I played this a lot recently because it can run decently (not great, but 30fps-ish mostly) on an XPS 13 with an integrated GPU.

225 sounds great! I bought this game on GoG so no Steam Workshop for me. And there's only 2 mods on Nexus Mods.

Lots of fun so far! Stuff I wish I knew early on:

The stats and abilities can be a bit overwhelming at first. I think building wiki links directly into the UI has helped a lot for learning about the game. If you don't mind spoilers you can see what the outcomes of different choices will be, or just roll the dice and pick one if you prefer that air of mystery.

The wiki also tends to have recommendations on which abilities are useful for different kinds of characters. For example, some of the transformations may be better suited to melee characters.

Something that really threw me initially is the retirement age of characters. Pay attention to the age under stats. Since breaks between chapters are around 10 years, that means characters with a retirement age of 45 probably aren't going to last you a full story campaign. That can add some roleplaying opportunities, or opportunities to adjust to new characters and strategies, but if that doesn't sound appealing keep an eye out for characters with longer retirement ages (warriors are shortest, generally. Then hunters. And mystics are the longest.)

Even if you don't mind playing with low retirement ages, keep an eye out for those warnings that say a character will retire at the end of a chapter. You may not want to give that powerful weapon you just crafted or found to a character who is going to leave the game in 2 more battles.

There are some events that can influence retirement age but... in general your character is going to have a low retirement age if that's the initial roll. With gear and abilities you can change it up on subsequent campaigns. One a legacy playthrough you could take a Hunter down a melee skill path, for example. But retirement age and transformations are pretty permanent and can drastically affect gameplay on a character.

The different "hooks" in the character screen influence which in-game story events will trigger. There are also some stat bonuses rolled when you create a character. You can reroll stats if you like. For example, if you're designing a Hunter character you could reroll until you get a decent ranged bonus. Given the retirement age issue above, I tend to roll until I get a character with a decent retirement age bonus because I enjoy using the same characters throughout an entire campaign.

I like how the game handles gender and sexual orientation. In that no matter what you pick it works your choices pretty seamlessly into the narrative. And NPCs are the same way. It kind of shows how straightforward developers can approach the subject if they want to put in the effort.

Relationships do have bonuses, too. For example, if a "rival" scores a "stunt" (critical hit), another character's stunt stat might be boosted. Or if an enemy attacks a character's "lover", you get a damage bonus when their partner retaliates.

You don't have to invest time or legacy points (some cost legacy points to activate, I didn't realize that at first) into EVERY resource tile. If it only produces fabric, and you've already got like 50 units, you might want to save that legacy point for something else. Legacy points can be spent to promote characters at the end of a campaign, or when you're crafting 1 legacy point=1 resource you might be missing, if you want to craft that level 3 wand and you're 1 spellthread short.

Good tips!

I looked at the wiki on one of the tutorial battles haha. There was a choice that said courage or stoicism and I was like WTF do those do?! Courage boosts damage for 3 turns and stoicism gives +1 armor/warding for the whole battle. So I went with stoicism. Made it through the 2 tutorial battles without taking any damage actually hehe.

I've seen some retirement age mods but I think I'll at least finish the first campaign or two before tinkering there. I did grab free skill reroll mod. After I recruited my 1st new party member and 2 of the offered skills were the same as 2 my other mage already had, I decided I might want to reroll and not spend 2LP every time.

And I've noticed there's a lot of ways to spend LP in the campaign already like you mentioned. But I thought the main use of it was at the end to keep your characters in legacy? So I'd like to save some for that if I can heh.

ccoates wrote:

If you don't mind spoilers you can see what the outcomes of different choices will be, or just roll the dice and pick one if you prefer that air of mystery.

I'm trying not to spoil myself. The two events I mentioned above have definitely changed those characters. At least they didn't die. So we'll see where they end up and if I ever run into those events again I'll know what to do maybe...

It really is amazing how well this story seems to flow. I know logically that some of these events are plug and play. That some of my characters dialogue has to be related to their personality and relationships. But still it all just flows so well and feels like a real story so far. I'm very impressed. Better than any choose your own adventure book I remember.

Holy crap so good. Finished up chapter 1 at lunch. Big changes for a couple of characters. My hunter had his arm transform into a shield so he had to switch to crossbow. Pretty wild.

Then had a chunk of time tonight and mainlined chapter 2. Whew. Finally had first incursion. I nearly screwed it up. Saw they had 46 days to enter some zone I hadn't scouted yet so I was finishing up another zone battle and restore area which took 20 days or so. And then I was on my way to scout the area they were in when it looked like they had moved on to attacking the next area. I was able to pause and hit intercept, which seemed to work while they were still in that unexplored zone. Fight was one of the tougher ones and had extra enemies spawn in waves so that was fun.

I recruited another warrior early on too so the party is full at 5. Had two opportunity quests pop up and was successful with both. Some really great character depth on those. And both characters got +10 retirement age after so that was nice. Caught a couple more elementals which gave me weapon upgrades. Starting to get some upgraded skills and some good synergy in my builds. I'm sure I'm not optimized because I have no idea what is out there. But everyone is feeling fairly effective during fights. My rival starting hunter and mage also really go crazy sometimes with stunt (crit) chains haha.

It was super annoying that I got hunter armor dropped about 8 different times, all tier 1. So I just kept turning it into extra materials. But finally near the end of chapter I got an armor drop for my second warrior. So now everyone has at least tier 1 armor and primary weapon. I crafted tier 2 heavy armor for my original warrior between chapters since she has auto guardian and I'm playing her like a tank, leading the group into every fight. Both mages got upgraded spells too so some links are really good now. It's very interesting to see where this goes.

And the last mission of the chapter was fun, with an escape objective instead of defeat enemies. And my mages could both fuse with objects that had pinning attacks. Pretty fun to use in that situation.

Anyway stopped and saved in the between chapter screen. So we'll see tomorrow what happens in the years between chapter 3...

Hah so one of my mages, the first recruit in ch 1, had a kid! I guess with a villager back home since no one in the team is romanced yet. And now he joined as a warrior to start ch 3. Also in the interlude my two changed characters both got more limbs. My hunter went from crossbow to sword hand now. So no more range attacks. Hopefully he will still be useful.

Heading towards objective and got sidetracked with another opportunity. And then I sent Hunter off alone to recruit nearby town, and got us a new young hunter to help.

Nice having 6+ in party so I can split patrols and not get ambushed now. For some reason I thought 5 was the limit. Just in battles I guess. So that is nice for longer campaigns you can ease in the new recruits before your veterans retire.

Looking forward to trying to finish ch 3 tonight and decide who gets to be a legacy. Really loving all these characters and know I won't be able to keep everyone. Dang.

Grabbed a new party member early in Ch 3. Then when scouting, found another person that was following us looking to join! So party of 8 now, splitting 4 and 4, sometimes 5 and 3. Got the first objective of Ch 3 done and heading towards the last one. Stopped 2 incursions. Busy night.

Got wings for one of my warriors. Very cool.

Finally got a romance, from one of the new recruits.

I had a weird event pop up and I didn't think to save. Had 62% chance of success and tried it, with my favorite warrior. And bad roll, she failed... and it aged her 15? years! I immediately reloaded, but was back before scouting. And got a different even for a different character even when I repeated the scout. Oh well. I know this is the last chapter, but it was annoying. And she was one of the characters in a romance, with one of the new recruits, so they were like 35-25 in age. Bumping up to 50 made that feel weird, even though it was mystical. Haha.

Anyway maybe can finish this intro campaign tomorrow. Thanks for reading, whoever keeps liking my posts.

Why isn't everyone playing this?! So fun.

Whelp. Finally got that "Pyrrhic Victory" achievement.


Decided to try a "Carved in stone" run on the Tragic Hero difficulty. Definitely a taste of the XCOM when you bump it up to there. The difficulty curve and front loaded difficulty isn't quite as drastic as XCOM, though.

Once you get some weapons and skills leveled up, the Calamities are manageable. But in those first few battles you can really get creamed if you load a map with lots of enemies in a small space. And three characters missing 90%+ shots means you're dead meat. Maybe that's why the hardest difficulty level is named "Walking lunch". I had to do a second run because of a really bad roll of extremely tough enemies, very small map, and my heroes missing every shot, so everyone just died and I didn't think taking the penalties as early as the third battle was worth it.

Something I had to do a LOT more on Tragic Hero compared to Adventurer was manage positioning. A critical hit can kill your heroes, and even if they don't die the time they need to heal is time lost on the overworld map. Which means pulling your characters back out of range can be a wiser move than scoring a kill. Although some enemies seem to have infinite movement, those damn deer and boar could skip across half the map and land a critical for 6 damage on my best Warrior.

It also makes skills that slow down or pin enemies hugely useful. In later battles where I was just overwhelmed with enemies, being able to hobble or pin entire groups was the only way I survived. On Adventurer I was almost always able to kill the enemies on screen before the next group moved into view. Hunters with Through Shot+ and Hobble could really save my ass.

On that note, similar to XCOM, sometimes it's worth it to advance through the map slowly. It's not quite like XCOM where enemies are basically just frozen until you reveal them. They do seem to move off-screen even when you can't see them. But once you see them they WILL aggro right towards you, and if you reveal too many enemies at once that can lead to them overrunning your heroes through sheer numbers.

Something else I relied on constantly was my Mystic. Naturalist+ and Arches+ meant I could either attack twice (using Wild Grasp twice or Wild Grasp first then Vinewrench second) or pin a large group of enemies with Arches (summoning a tree) and then explode that tree in the same turn, shredding armor. There were several battles, including the last one, where I was able to really jam up enemy movement by spamming the map with Roots & Shoots (summoning multiple plants with each cast) and then pinning them in doorways or between obstacles. Huge enemies can crush them easily, but even on the final battle it bought me enough breathing room to pick off other enemies. For that last fight I prepped the map by COVERING the area with plants, then I used Wild Grasp to pull the boss into range of my Hunters.

Any skill that let you either attack multiple times or hit multiple enemies was excellent. Both of my Warriors had the skill to go into Overwatch (I forget what Wildermyth calls it, Guardian maybe?) even after attacking, so some turns they would be able to score 2-3 kills. Paladin+, Broadswipes+, and the skill for multiple reactions could really mow down groups of enemies, especially if your Hunters had weakened groups of them with Through Shot+.

Tragic Hero also made me realize how great guaranteed miss skills are. It's something that never seemed worth it on Adventurer, because except for multiple critical hits your heroes can absorb a bit of a beating. On Tragic Hero even a deer could kill your best character if it lands two hits. But with something like Foxflight+, the next THREE attacks against your Hunter will miss. And that doesn't expire, if you activate at the beginning of a battle, it won't wear off until three attacks would've landed. Which meant in some cases I was able to use my Hunter as a tank to finish off a big enemy.

With Throughshot+ and Rogue, if a Hunter could even pick off one enemy they would enter the Grayplane. Similarly, with Naturalist and Arches a Mystic can enter the Grayplane just by summoning a tree (when you summon a tree, you're infused with it unless you're already at the maximum infusions. And that's what triggers the Grayplane.) That really helped in keeping my Hunters and Mystic out of danger.

Since I was playing on Carved in Stone, I had to retreat people in a few tough fights where I got overwhelmed (like the end battle of Chapter 2 of the first campaign). Something interesting, which might be a spoiler: if you lose a limb,


transformations can replace them. I had a character with crow wings, and when I made the decision to lose an arm and retreat from battle he had a crow arm in its place without me having to "advance" the transformation like you usually do.

I'd say once you're more comfortable with the gameplay Carved in stone is worth trying, even if you're not usually into Iron Man modes. Making those tough decisions works with the narrative, and the characters even have small interactions about how they had a tough day when one has to retreat or take a permanent injury. And there's things you can do to adjust to the penalties. Like when my Mystic lost 2 health for the remainder of the campaign I gave them a Leaf wand, which meant every time they scored a Stunt, they got 2 temporary health.

That is a crazy screenshot. I've definitely had no trouble with adventurer difficulty. Until ch 3 no one lost more than 2 health. And even then it's been the 2 new recruits last night that took 5 or 6 damage a couple fights. That warrior that followed us around and joined has 0 armor and ward. Good grief.

One of my mages has Naturalist+ so yes, Wild Grasp is awesome. She cleaned up on an incursion last night wow.

And yes one of my warriors has that untouchable once after a kill and she's been my favorite lately. Feels like once she gets started can take any enemy on. Need to find that hunter one since one of my hunters transformed his arms and is melee only now.

I never liked ironman so we'll see. I actually had a screwup before that I kind of blame the interface and had to reload. I was waiting on a bridge or tunnel to be built in ch 2 the other night with a couple members. Then I tried to gather other members in that zone. But on the way incursion happened. So I was going to reroute. I clicked disband, thinking the group would stop where they were but instead the game moved them back to starting area. So it erased 20 days of travel or something. Maybe if I just assigned them to new task without cancelling old it would reroute? It was pretty weird.

My other reload was one battle I saw a spirit and it ran off. I had split the party and only had 2 members. Tried to chase, couldn't catch it and revealed 4 other enemies. I didn't want to try to dig out of that. That's when I paused and looked up elementals on the wiki. Seems they give you good weapon upgrades if you're at 0 or if you wanted a second rank 1 weapon. But after that they're just good for 1 LP. Not worth getting an injury for, so I just fought smartly and he escaped instead.

Unless the final battle just out of nowhere kicks my ass I'm definitely planning to try the next harder difficulty level for campaign 2 though. This has been very easy and I don't have any amazing synergies. I could see the auto guardian with sentinel (+2 range) and the multiple reaction, vigilance? Now that would be a badass overwatch warrior. I've got a couple of those powers and seen them as choices but couldn't get them all on the same warrior this run.

There's a lot of game here. Gonna be fun to get deeper.

Stele wrote:

Maybe if I just assigned them to new task without cancelling old it would reroute?

Yeah, that's what I do, it's kinda clunky. On the plus side, you can leave it stalled at that completion level. I've completed bridges piecemeal in that way, when I have 1 extra character doing things or I'm waiting for someone to heal.

Re: Elementals, you can craft the weapons you find via catching them during mission. So if you catch an Elemental and trade your regular axe for a fire axe, you can now craft fire axes. That actually can be pretty handy at times. Like in my previous example where I crafted a Leaf wand for my Mystic that lost 2 health for the campaign. If you don't like using certain weapons, not really mandatory. But I just caught them all for completionist's sake.

I just got creamed three times in a row on Tragic Hero and Carved in stone, in the second story campaign with the machine thingies. Very first map with your heroes, and one of them missed their 80% shot FOUR TIMES in a row. In the other two one character missed their 80% shot three times. In that first map if your characters miss more than twice, it's pretty much over because they're so weak. I looked up the odds for missing an 80% shot four times in a row, and it's not like impossible (.16% chance to miss all four shots, what the hell, game), but just like XCOM it's super frustrating. I'd guess like other games, discussion of "true random" aside, the percentage you see may not be the actual chance to hit. There's probably modifiers or something the player doesn't get to see.

It'd be nice if you could restart the entire campaign. Sometimes I want to start over but I don't want to reroll new characters.

You can muddle on if you want though, even if a character dies. But it really sets you back drastically.


If you select the bury a character quietly option, you get 2 LP at the end of the chapter. Womp whomp.

I am bad at this game.. I can't figure out how to get tanks to tank.. they seem just as squishy as an archer or magic user. Am I missing something?

Interestingly for me, I have no connection to the characters so letting them die doesn't make me sad or want to start over... it gets frustrating because it just sets you back so I tend to just start over. I'm sure I'm playing it wrong since the story kinda just bounces off of me, but I would like to understand the combat mechanics better.

Are you playing on Steam? Tried to find and friend you but no luck. I love the little trophy announcements on the game library from other people playing the same game.

Good tip on the queued project. And elementals. I noticed myself after lunch today I finished the starting campaign and got a few weapons to craft. That's excellent. Feels like a roguelike addition, expanding inventory over multiple games.

I was about to say just make a manual save at the start to begin again. But oh yeah ironman. Maybe a save scum at start of campaign?

Anyway so I misunderstood the legacy thing a bit until I finished the first campaign. You get to keep everyone. It's promotion to a higher legacy that is 1 per campaign plus 1 per 10 LP. I went into the last battle with 21 LP I think and after had 24? So I got to promote 3. Was tempted to do my original 3 but the hunter with transformation is not my favorite. And my 2nd mage actually got better than my first one, who also got transformed. My first warrior was awesome but so was my second and she's the one that got a romance. So I boosted both warriors and mage 2. None of the final chapter characters had time to make an impression except the one that got into romance. Maybe she will be good next time around.

EDIT: Looking at stats I kept 3 of my top 4 in enemy defeats. Other mage was higher than the first warrior but only by 2.

Credits were amazing with little epilogues for everyone! Tried to screenshot a few but not sure I caught them all.

Definitely jumping right into a new campaign tonight. Must play more.

Great to see so many new players. Last year we were able to get a few multiplayer sessions going and it was a blast. If anyone wants partake in some multiplayer hit me up or make a post in the Steam Group.

Side Note: Plays great on the Steam Deck (although you might want to increase the UI size in settings).

Carlbear95 wrote:

I am bad at this game.. I can't figure out how to get tanks to tank.. they seem just as squishy as an archer or magic user. Am I missing something?

Interestingly for me, I have no connection to the characters so letting them die doesn't make me sad or want to start over... it gets frustrating because it just sets you back so I tend to just start over. I'm sure I'm playing it wrong since the story kinda just bounces off of me, but I would like to understand the combat mechanics better.

I think there's definitely a learning curve!

There is almost no real healing skills in Wildermyth. There are skills or abilities that give temporary health, but once the battle ends you'll need to heal over time on the overworld map, which eats up time you need for other things (there is ONE campaign that has a healing item you can interact with.)

For that reason, I don't think the game has tanks in the traditional sense. Any character can die in a big battle even if it's death by papercut if they keep taking damage. Instead, stats like Armor reduce physical damage and Warding reduces magic damage. You'll want to boost both of those on your tank (Warrior?).

You'll also want to raise their dodge and block skills. If you get them a shield, it'll reduce damage they take by 1, but shields can only be used with 1-handed weapons.

Another thing to try if you like to let Warriors soak up damage is the Untouchable skill. After you score a kill with a Warrior that has Untouchable, the next attack against them is guaranteed to miss (just 1, though). Although keep in mind that sometimes an annoying little deer can run up and waste it before a boss can move.

So basically your tanks are tanks because they're better at dodging, blocking, or absorbing damage via armor. Not because you want them taking hits to their health repeatedly.

There's also an engage skill. It's the traditional tank taunt you are thinking of, Carl. It forces enemy to attack you as long as you're in range but also boosts your armor so you can take the hits.

Finished ch 1 of second campaign, Enduring War. Tragic Hero difficulty is definitely harder wow.

Got a 4th recruit right after intro battle. Picked a second mage. In first area I scouted found storm transformation event. Went ahead and tried it with a mage and got lightning arms. Cool stuff. Very next zone I scouted, bam she got maimed and got the second arm haha. Lucky it was her that died and not anyone else. I moved my party up to gather at a large door and damn if a giant enemy didn't kick the door open and kill her with 0 warning. One hit dead from an enemy I couldn't see. But I stuck with it, especially since I knew maiming would be ok for her.

Everything else went ok. Chose rivals at the start from the first 3, warrior and hunter. Thought my warrior and mage were heading for romance for some reason, maybe just personality comments. But then an event happened and the mage romanced the hunter instead hah. Nobody else took huge damage until final battle got a little hairy. But just the one casualty.

Coolest thing was I got every zone scouted and fully explored after each battle. And then I headed for the objective and finished scouting that zone with one day left on the incursion counter. Hah. Went ahead and did the final battle then. Maybe I should have waited and taken out the incursion too for more XP? But I just thought it was a nice story, 1 day to spare.

Anyway more tomorrow. Adventure awaits!