Business Laptop Shopping

So I need to come up with recommendations for laptops for use for my executive committee group.

Really only need the ability to use MS Office and browse the internet as well as Zoom (with the ability to stream a program via Zoom as well). Decent camera and microphone.

In addition, it should last about 4-5 years.

The price should be under $1000 (CDN).

Edit to add

Should have a HD of at least 512GB
Touch screen is not necessary.
Don't care about type of HD.
Screen of about 13 or 14 inches

Any recommendations from this page:

Dell Latitudes and Lenovo Thinkpads tend to be the most popular choices for business laptops. They are well-built, hearty, and they last a long time.

From the link you shared, I can also vouch for Zenbooks. Classy machines.

Obviously you don't kneed to spend $1,000 for something that can use Office and surf the internet. Equally obviously, though, more money will get you a better build quality and a PC that's more pleasant to use.