Road 96

GWJ Conference Call 767

Game Demos: Sable (Xbox S), Severed Steel (PC), Tunic (Xbox S), Death Trash (Xbox, Others), Mechajammer (iOS), Deathtrap Dungeon (PC), Road 96 (PC).

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Amanda and Rich and Glendon are joined by returning guest Daryl Lathon to discuss summertime gaming and games that evoke summer.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:05:54 Black Book
00:06:20 Despot's Game
00:08:14 Mechajammer
00:10:30 Death Trash
00:21:12 Sable
00:28:06 Tunic
00:31:17 Severed Steel
00:34:00 Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure
00:39:45 Road 96
00:44:16 The Games of Summer
01:00:08 Your Emails

+1 to Amoebic’s irrational dislike — I hate that dialogue text sound and the whole scrolling text thing in JRPGs. I always end up mashing buttons to make it stop, often missing crucial info in the process, which further alienates me from the game.

Great ep and Daryl is a delightful guest!

Rich's finger gun effect sounds like he was dislocating his fingers each and every time.

Hot poll summer!

Five minutes into the podcast:

Preach, brother, preach!

I think Daryl was blaming the wrong people for games not being on Mac. It isn't because developers don't want to develop for the Mac. It is because Apple doesn't want them developing for the Mac (unless they only develop for the Mac).

Additionally Daryl said in the podcast that "everybody has a Mac" but this is very far from the truth. Close to 80% of computers are running Windows, with OSX holding a little more then 16% market share. Even if Apple did not create a closed proprietary system, there is little incentive for a game developer (especially an indie one) to make games for Mac.

The interesting thing is many many more games work on Linux now, even though Linux has a market share less then 5% in the desktop space, but that is because Linux is an open system where anyone can figure out ways to make it work.

So all you need to do is buy a PC and you too can play those games too.