Marble League 2021

It begins! Qualifiers!

As a longtime Balls of Chaos fan this is a blessing in disguise. I've wanted to drop them for a long time. Total ineptitude from top to bottom. Front office needs to gutted.

Can't decide who to back now. I'm leaning towards Shining Swarm. Haven't heard of them. Are they new?

Team Momo just made it in

Shining Swarm have been around, but never done super well. Finished 7th their debut season (2017), but haven't qualified since. I don't know if they have made personnel changes recently or not.

Also, yay Marble League! It honestly helped me deal with the beginning of the pandemic.

The Boss said our newborn looked like an Asian dumpling, so I started calling her Momo (and Momomo, and Momomomo).

I hope none of the competitors catch marble Covid

So proud of Momo! They are spectacular this year.

I just hope all the marbles had fun

I hope they don't get ROLLVID!

A short and fast event, but enjoyable.

Its the 1st time my team (momo) has to hold back a lead so everytime they don't land in the top 3 it is stressful!

I am Go Go, Momo all the way, now!


double oof

Triple oof. Man this could be the greatest choke of ML history

One more event - 11 teams can still reach the podium!

Last event


Marble Maniax is pretty good! I love seeing new events.