TV Size to viewing Distance

Looking to pick up a bigger TV for gaming (Current is 55"). I'm thinking of getting an 82" LG 4K unit that has 120Hz and HDMI 2.1 for Ps5 and Xbox Series X playing. Question is how far away is the minimum distance?

Reading online says anything from 6 feet to 15 feet is perfect. My room would give me about 6 or 7 feet if I sit back the whole way. Anyone else use such a large tv and sit that close? How is the viewing?

if it helps this is the one I'm looking at because I have Best Buy gift cards to use towards it:
LG 82" TV

Yeah, arguments are all over the place, but the common agreement is that you can be closer to the screen for 4k than for 1080p.

Everyone is different, but a basic rule of thumb is that if you don't need to move your head to strain to watch moving images (same reason most people don't like sitting in the front row of movie theatres) you'll be fine. If you're unsure, work out how big a space it will be on your wall and then sit where you usually sit and confirm the entire screen will fit in your field of view comfortably.

For what it's worth, I'm a little under 7 feet away for my 75" and I doubt it would be a problem if it was an 85".

6 feet seems really close for a TV that size, and that is a big jump from a 55" to 82". I would recommend a 65" if you think your current 55" is too small, but really at 6' even the 55 should be fine? Have you measured the distance?

Like kuddles said, plot it out on your wall to see what you think. A common way to do this is use cardboard boxes flattened and taped together and onto the wall to get them into the size you are considering.

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I did buy it. Distance is fine. I do need to now buy a bigger stand as the one I had said it would hold the TV weight but just didn't seem safe as it kept slipping.


That kid's as big as Kratos!

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That kid's as big as Kratos!

Just as loud too!

That looks like more than six feet away. Enjoy your new TV!

Now I want one. That is sweet.

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Obligatory Barney Stinson's TV GIF