June 14 - 20


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Welcome folks, and happy “390th Anniversary of the death of Mumtaz Mahal” week! She was the wife of the Mughal Emperor, Shah Juhan, until she died during the birth of her fourteenth child. She was 38. Utterly grief-stricken, the emperor commissioned over 20,000 artisans to build a monument to serve as her tomb and as a symbol of his undying love. 20 years later, the building was finished. We know it today as the Taj Mahal. You may all celebrate by playing a game where your character is motivated by anguish.

It’s the quietest week of game releases in months. It seems that even a virtual E3 has a dampening effect on new releases. Most folks are still picking over the announcements and reveals. While the biggest news of E3 is obviously Fallout 1 & 2 coming to GamePass, I did chuckle at the trailer for The Outer Worlds 2—it was less a reveal than a send-up of video game trailers in general.

Picking over this week’s offerings makes me feel like one of those beach dudes with a metal detector, coming up with bottle caps. Not to worry, I’ve got plenty on my Pile. I’ve just started Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition and realised I remember way less of it than I thought I did.

Last year’s Stellaris expansion, Federations, makes its way onto consoles this week, while The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced brings this MMO juggernaut up to speed with the latest-gen machines. Expect a solid 60fps and some awesome water reflection effects.

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil is a crossover that puts some RE characters and levels into the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. I think this means someone can play Nemesis and chase the RE protagonists through some Resident Evil 2 maps.

On the PC, Hard Steel is a robot-wars style game where you build and battle your robots. Airline Manager 4 lets you experience all the stress of managing an airline, including scheduling flights, buying your aircraft fleet, and offshoring all your maintenance to non-unionised countries.

On the Switch, there’s the cutesy, pixelated adventure game 7 Years From Now, containing such tropes as: amnesia, high school drama, and a touch of the supernatural. I have no idea what Together is about because a title like that is unGoogleable no matter how many additional search terms you put in. On the other hand, the release of otome game Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI and love-adventure game IdolDays show that the Switch is definitely getting hornier as it gets older.

Nothing really strikes my fancy this week. As I said, I’m way deep into reliving Mass Effect. Apart from anything else, this series has perhaps my favourite loading screens and interstitial music. All of it works so well to set the scene. The galaxy map music is my happy place. Anyway, if I had to choose a game for this week, I’d go with The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced because it’s an MMO that keeps truckin’ with updates (including one just a few weeks ago) and, judging from the lack of announcements at E3, we aren’t going to see an Elder Scrolls 6 anytime soon.

Here's the list, now in release-date AND alphabetical order!


  • 06-14

  • Airline Manager 4
  • Arena Tactics
  • College Escape
  • Convenience Store 6
  • Coran
  • Extended Stay
  • Gos Castle Runner
  • Killer Ricky
  • Mazeing
  • Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2
  • Mycro
  • Nanoscape VR
  • No Fear
  • Ricochet Bounce
  • Terra Atlantis
  • The Faraway Land
  • The Guardian
  • Vortex Rolling
  • WTF Is Wrong With You?
  • 06-15

  • A wave of enemies
  • Black Space
  • CyberBorn
  • Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil
  • Die Rangliste
  • Dininho Space Adventure
  • Do Animals Dream?
  • Fruit Zumba
  • Garlic
  • Grind
  • Hard Steel
  • MY FOX - Desktop Wild Pet
  • Red Algorithm
  • Run and Jump Little Vico
  • Speeder
  • Tank Fantastic
  • The Prophecy (Start Warp)
  • The Shape On The Ground: Steam Edition
  • The Terrible Persistence of Memory
  • TheEvilKing
  • UFO2: Extraterrestrials
  • Urban Fight
  • Victor
  • Violent Witches: the Vindicator
  • 06-16

  • A Murmur in the Trees
  • Adorable Witch
  • Agent Intercept
  • Depths Of Horror: Mushroom Day
  • Immortus Temporus
  • Legend of Musical Light
  • Mortal and Monster
  • Queer and Chill
  • Restless Night
  • Rosemary's Fate Chapter 1
  • Sophie's Safecracking Simulator
  • The Sisters - Party of the Year
  • To Kill A King
  • Touhou Mystia's Izakaya
  • Troupe
  • Twilight Drive
  • Zombie Strike
  • 06-17

  • 16bit vs Reality
  • 7 years from now
  • A Circle Among Squares
  • Buck Borris in Action
  • Buddy and Lucky Solitaire
  • Chaos Journey to the West
  • Crystal Sequence
  • Detective From The Crypt
  • Elfblade
  • Eternal Starlight
  • Frosty Jumper
  • Inside the Memories
  • LOGistICAL 3
  • No School No Rules
  • Panqueca & Pacoca: Geometric Jigsaw
  • Pill Puzzle
  • Planet Surf: The Last Wave
  • Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
  • Railroad Ink Challenge
  • Red Solstice 2: Survivors
  • Roguebook
  • Skip Lake
  • Sports Paradise VR
  • Summertime Madness
  • Super Sunny Island
  • Toilet paper wants to be a basketball
  • Touhou 3D Dungeon
  • Touhou Bunhanajou ~ Shoot the Bullet.
  • Valor & Victory
  • Virtuous Western
  • War Mines: WW1

Xbox Series X

  • 06-15

  • Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced
  • 06-18

  • Metro Exodus: Complete Edition

Xbox One

  • 06-15

  • Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil
  • 06-16

  • Heliborne
  • 06-17

  • Stellaris: Federations
  • 06-18

  • Discolored
  • Galaxy Champions TV
  • Wingspan

PlayStation 5

  • 06-15

  • Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced
  • 06-18

  • Metro Exodus: Complete Edition

PlayStation 4

  • 06-15

  • Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil
  • 06-17

  • Stellaris: Federations


  • 06-15

  • Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil
  • 06-16

  • Plastic Rebellion
  • Together
  • 06-17

  • 7 years from now
  • Bakumatsu Renka SHINSENGUMI
  • IdolDays
  • Luciform
  • Metal Unit
  • Rangerdog
  • Rotund Takeoff
  • 06-18

  • Bear's Restaurant
  • Cross the Moon
  • 06-19

  • Aquatic Rampage


Galaxy Champions TV? That TV sticks out to my eyes. And, wow, they're straight up mentioning Smash TV as an inspiration. Nice!

Even if it's mediocre they'll get a purchase from me simply for giving love to Smash TV.

What game is the banner picture from?

It is from The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced.

Wow! I honestly thought it was theHunter. Those graphics are something.

E3 week is typically the week where I find myself struggling to find something to play while my heart yearns for the promises of future releases it cannot have. Thus far, the closest to that is Elden Ring, and I think I'll just quell my suffering with another playthrough of Darksiders 3.

In the meantime, Project Triangle Strategy Demo on Switch is reminding me that Square Enix isn't a wholly lost cause after all.

ccesarano wrote:

E3 week is typically the week where I find myself struggling to find something to play while my heart yearns for the promises of future releases it cannot have.

I get the same feeling looking at PS5 titles that are available now.