What did you play this weekend?

Made some more progress with Elden Ring, although with the size of the game and how slow I go, I am resigned to the experience taking months to complete.

I also got a couple of hours into Norco, which is a weird and atmospheric point-and-click. Compelling.

I played Before Your Eyes this weekend. I’d heard it was very good and, yes it was. Highly recommended when you’ve got an hour or so and want to experience a story.

Continued with my staple forever games: Genshin Impact and Fate/Grand Order

Still working on Rogue Legacy 2 and popped into a little Sword Art Online Hallow Realization

Not a very exciting weekend, game wise

On a whim I loaded up Crackdown 3 on the XBox and actually started playing.
It scratched an itch that AC Odyssey wasn't satisfying and so, aside from some VR time, that is essentially all I played this weekend.

Edit: oh, and I love that between GamePass and Cloud saves I was able to switch to playing on my PC when the kids wanted the TV.

I got Ninja to level 60 in Final Fantasy XIV, and rolled a Marauder in Path of Exile and played coop with some friends.

I mostly played Hardspace: Shipbreaker. Broke a ton of ships, got through acts 2 and 3. The end of act 3 is a literal boss fight, your team is arguing with the administrator the company puts over you to work you to death. Its amazing. I love that game. Really hoping for a coop, vr sequel.

I ended up playing a bunch of Foundry (available now on Itch.io or you can wait for Steam)

It is basically Fortresscraft: Evolved... or a heavily industrial Minecraft but more modern looking, plus Factorio. It's not amazing or anything, but at least highly competent. I think one of the unique things it does is encourages you to dig deep to hit massive layers of different ore. You can set up mining rail-cars to tunnel and send back carts of ore-rock you need to crush in order to use, so you get some pretty good industry going.

I've got an elevator that can take me down beneath my base to one of four layers of ore where I have machines going and they're sending material up freight elevators to be used by my base. That's pretty cool. Otherwise it doesnt really do anything a game like Satisfactory doesn't do.

I played several rounds of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, which is quickly becoming my favorite racing game ever.

Veloxi wrote:

I played several rounds of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, which is quickly becoming my favorite racing game ever.

So good!

I’d like to get it running in an emulator on my Steam Deck so I can finally retire our PS3.

I was playing Insane 2 and Wreckfest on the Deck this past week and weekend….

Ohhhh good luck! Let us know how it goes!

Cars 3: Driven to Win, a bad racing game that was like $3 on Switch a few months ago and seemed like the sort of thing my 4yo would get a kick out of given that he’d watch a Cars movie every night if we would let him. Even though it’s a game clearly targeted at kids, 75% of the playable characters are locked behind various tasks and/or skill checks, and AFAICT there’s no way to just unlock everything, which seems f*cking stupid. So I spent most of the time I had available for playing games this weekend trying to unlock stuff for him.