Dying Light 2 - Good Night and Good Luck-All

New gameplay trailer and a release date, so time for a thread! The game is now scheduled for release on Dec 7th, 2021 (which doesn't seem accidental) and pre-orders are available. I'm really looking forward to this - it took me a couple of tries to get into the original Dying Light but I really enjoyed it and played it all the way through.


Dying Light 1 is a special game, I have high hopes for DL2, though the development issues certainly scare me.

I've been meaning to go back to DL1 for a long time, what a great surprise that was. And last time I checked about a year back it was still being supported with new modes and events.

Mostly looking forward to good times in co-op again, especially when your idiot mates make gas bottles blow up in your face when you're running away from a horde. :p

Tagging, the new trailers look great.

Given the massive amount of reported turmoil in the production of this game, I am highly skeptical.

I really liked the first game but it came at a time in my life where I wasn't able to finish games.