2021/22 Soccer Thread: It's Euro 2020 until it becomes 2021

Whatever your criticisms of him, dude's going to be the best, most consistent goalscorer they've had since.....

........well, since him.

Don't get me wrong, defending is an important part of the game.

However, the game is way more fun when both teams can't defend. A delightful day of results. I missed half the goals watching the other half of the goals.


Excuse me? There's a club called Sheriff? And their logo is a sheriff's badge.

*Does some googling*

Fotbal Club Sheriff, commonly known as Sheriff Tiraspol or simply Sheriff, is a Moldovan football club based in Tiraspol, a city located in the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Interesting. Tell me more.

Tiraspol is the capital of Transnistria, a breakaway state in Moldova, where it is the second largest city. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Dniester River. Tiraspol is a regional hub of light industry, such as furniture and electrical goods production

I played disc golf the other day with a guy whose parents were immigrants from Moldova. He didn't believe me at first when I said "Ah, Moldova, I know it well."

I scared the living daylights out of someone online recently, as they were not expecting an American to know that Debrecen even exists, which I only know about thanks to FM.

The NY Times had an interesting piece on Sheriff. Reads to be less of a fairy tale than one would hope.