Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Smash-All

Fun game. I hope others enjoy it

I'm fairly deep into Rift Apart now, just finished the pirate themed challenge. One thing I do love is the way enemies react to your guns, there's few things better than seeing a big Nefarious Slugger get jolted with your lightning rod, their whole body stiffening up with the electricity effect consuming them. It gets even better when you upgrade, close by enemies get hit by the chain effect so that they all get shocked in a group, linked to one another by threads of lightning. It's very satisfying.

I've got the difficulty set to Resistance Leader which is comfortable in all but the challenge arena, maybe the odd encounter or two in with that. Now that my weapons are leveled up quite a bit I'm devastating with the Drillhound, Warmonger, Enforcer & Lightning Rod. I throw out Mr Fungi & the little Glove Of Doom agents to help me when enemies start to come from all angles.

I have to say in Savali, when your skirting around those big rocky environments on the Hoverboots its a lot of fun. The problem is I've almost exclusively associated them with that planet but you can use them anywhere, even the Arena (that you get to through the nightclub) in which they help massively. One of the silver challenges is to complete 5 waves of enemies using the Warmonger, which is very tough when you haven't levelled the weapon up any. The enemies are all big & pack a punch so it's essential to get to the ammo boxes at the north, south, east & west parts of the arena to resupply quickly & whittle them down. The Hoverboots are perfect for this, made even better when you tap the L2 to build upto full speed.

One thing I ended up being frustrated with was collecting the zurpstones on Rivet's home planet Sargasso. You find these zurpstones that help Mort's dragon Trudi. Firstly you find them scattered about the planet by running about yourself or using the beetle to get to the different little islands. You then unlock Trudi after handing in a certain amount of the zurpstones. Your able to land at predefined landing spots with Trudi that you couldn't access before. The problem was that there were zurpstones on the top of structures that you couldn't get unless you were to jump off Trudi midair, which you can't do. I tried flying low into the stones, which are like little purple plants but still nothing. I ended up just leaving the planet & going onto the main quest in frustration. I only found out later that once you hand in the next milestone of zurpstones that you gain Trudi's fireball ability which means you can hit the zurpstones with her in midair & collect them. It would have been nice to know that ahead of time.

I think Rift Apart is definitely a very good time but I was expecting it to be in the running for my GOTY but it feels like it won't crack the top 5 when all is said & done. The good thing is the game has gotten better the more I've progressed.