GWJ Strategy Club Game 5: Into the Breach

Yeah, I end up on Easy a lot chasing achievements. Normal is a good balance. Hard is brutal, but I've done it a couple of times. Overall I guess I prefer normal, but grinding out easy for now for progress.

Sundown wrote:

I don't really know why I'm struggling with the game; I like tactics games, although this almost plays more like a puzzle game, I suppose.

I had a long break from this after banging my head against it for a week or so without a victory when it first came out on Switch. When I came back I threw out all the ‘tactics’ and ‘strategy’ labels and treated it like a straight-out puzzle game. I’ve enjoyed it a lot more since making the paradigm shift and have finished it a couple times with a renewed interest in chasing at least a full roster of mechs.

While there are some light strategic elements around mech, pilot, and upgrade choices it is by no means a capital-S Strategy game to me and I’ve enjoyed it a lot more since re-aligning my expectations

Thanks to this thread, I reinstalled Into the Breach and managed my first win (on Easy) last weekend. Woo!

What do you folks think of this game compared to FTL? Of the two, I've always preferred FTL: first, for its charm, second, for its more freeform progression, and third, for its moment-to-moment gameplay -- I prefer FTL's clicky space combat to ITB's puzzly turn-based battles. I recognise this is an issue of personal taste -- I think they both do well at what they set out to do: ITB as an emergent puzzle generator and FTL as the original star-hopping roguelite. Still, I can't see myself replaying this with as many different squads as I did with cruisers in FTL.

And I beat the game on my first Easy run! I went with the Rusting Hulks, since I really liked the plane's ability to cancel an attack, plus the electric cloud deals additional damage with the passive from another mech. This was super useful for the bosses at the end of each island.

I just did two islands before going onto the final level, and even got a rock to fall on a boss and kill it while we were defending the bomb. Good times.

I think the easy is a bit too easy, and really only got a bit hairy at the very end, since I had maximum grid and started playing a little sloppy (like letting my units get too spread out). I may do another run or two on easy, though, and try to unlock some more stuff before I bump it back up to normal. First up is to get one more achievement token so I can buy another team, plus do a three island victory.

And I beat it again (on Easy). Still with the Rusting Hulks, but went for the 3 island run this time. This time, since I had slightly more of an idea what I was doing, I upgraded the smoke to do more damage, and also gave my pushing mech a cloud jump (since that was more useful that just repositioning most of the time) when it showed up in the store. So I had my jet and the pushing mech jumping everywhere and interrupting all attacks, and the artillery just throwing damage around. And the best part was that I went with the pilot who is immune to clouds or webbing in my jet, which made hopping around with reckless abandon fairly simple. Who needs health when I can't be stopped? It still wasn't enough to get the achievement for doing 12 damage with clouds, though. Anyway, I got enough coins to unlock the Steel Judoka team, since people out on the internet seem to like that one.

And I'm now digging this game. It feels like I can shoot for perfection on Easy or damage control on Normal, and I'm fine with Easy for now. But it makes it a nice little game to pick up and mess around with from time to time. I'm generally not much of a fan of roguelikes, but I'm glad we picked this one for the club.

I did it! 100% achievements!

Glittering C-Beam was my last squad one. And so my first run with that squad, wouldn't you know, a shiny mountain popped up. This time I was much more prepared, and demolished it pretty quick without losing any mechs, and only took 1 shot of building damage.

The Distant Friend is pretty awesome. Put him on my science vessel and kicked a lot of but, blocked a lot of spawns with that shield. Really fun.

And now I unlocked the last squad. So I guess I'll play at least a couple of runs just to try them out. Game complete though. Wow.

I’m still chipping away at this game, and I’ve beaten the game with the Rift Walkers, Rusting Hulks, Steel Judoka, and Flame Behemoth, so I’ve gotten the achievement for beating it with 4 teams, plus the one for having a single pilot win 3 times (which is the lady who ignores smoke and webbing, which is super useful).

I still think the Rusting Hulks are my favorite because the way they can just cancel attacks with all the clouds, which is a bit easier than the teams that are more around redirection, albeit a bit less satisfying. Both the Behemoths and the Judoka are good in the late game when more cores can be used and attacks get powered up, but both seem weaker early game than the other two I've tried so far. The Rift Walkers were just useful all around, as one might expect from a starter team.

I wanted something light to do in the foreground while I watched Summer Games Done Quick. So I set this to easy and quickly knocked off some wins: a 4-island with the Rusting Hulks, a 2-island with the Steel Judoka, and a 3-island with a custom squad including the Jet Mech, Laser Mech, and Siege Mech.

I struggled with the Judoka, even on easy. The Siege Mech and the Judo Mech can do a lot of damage when the map cooperates, but I had a lot of situations where a Vek was in a tight alley. The Siege Mech would damage the buildings and often the Judo Mech couldn't attack at all. That Siege Mech needs "no building damage" as soon as possible.

That custom squad meant business, even though the Jet Mech couldn't do extra damage with its smoke. That Laser Mech is insanely powerful, especially early on.

Over the last week or so this has become the game that I've played while watching the Olympics with my wife and daughter. I can reliably win on easy (I also only ever beat FTL on easy), with all the squads who I've tried, but have yet to win a game on a difficulty above that. I seem to do best with the Frozen Behemoths, so I'm thinking that they're the next I'll try on normal difficulty.

Just popping in to say I have been playing in shorts bursts here and there. Enjoying as much on the switch as I did on the Mac. My son got quite into it for a few days also.

I missed the start of this challenge, but seeing it was enough for me to open up the game again, and the first level I did had the special mountain and so got the Distant Friend achievement first thing!

I have most of the globals. Need to chase down quite a few team achievements now.