Barotrauma - Leaks and Hull Breaches - all

Barotrauma is a deep sea exploration and survival game. Games are match based, usually with an objective, which sees players working in a team to keep a submersible craft operating. Players are faced with challenges in keeping up with standard maintenance in addition to defending the submersible from the monstrosities living in the depths of this alien world.

The game is played in a 2d view, from the side, and players take on differing roles. Roles include Captain, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Security Officer, and more.

Game modes can be as simple as doing the most basic operation of going from Point A to Point B. Additional missions will have players donning deep sea diving suits to investigate alien ruins, derelict submersibles, and the ocean floor in search of artifacts and resources. For groups who want to further spice up the round, an imposter setting can be enabled which gives one or more players objectives of sabotaging the crew and submersible.

Single missions, or a sandbox mode, can be selected, but there is also a campaign setting. In campaign, a crew will work from underwater sea base to underwater sea base, accomplishing missions along the way. As funds are gained, improvements can be made to the submersible. New submersibles can also be purchased along the way. Progress is conserved in a save file that can be resumed at a later date, when the crew can get back together.

From my experience, the game is difficult and requires teams to be on top of repairs and defenses at all times. For me, I have just as much fun failing a mission miserably as I do in succeeding.

Several of us have met over the past few weeks and had a good time playing single missions. As with most online games, having more people equals a more interesting experience.

Also, it's on sale until June 4th.

Chiming in to say it’s a fun game and we have a few GWJers already playing it so jump on in! We usually play it Thursday evenings after 10pm EST to allow some time zone lovin. I am sure others are flexible with other times and days as well!

It looks like Dakhath has this as a recurring Thursday option on

For the moment, when I try to join the Thursday event, it creates an event for today instead.

I'm available to play this Thursday, around 10 PM EST. Will be in Discord around then.

Hey! Sorry, fixed that bit of code but didn't get around to uploading it till just now. Give it a try now:

T-ball and Cub Scout obligations may have me running a few minutes late tonight. I'll hop in Discord when I can.

Sorry i missed last night but am interested in next week if there is interest.

I think I'll be available next Thursday.

Dakhath and I started a campaign last night and had some success! Highlight of the night for me was doing a dive to investigate some of the rock surfaces for resources where, upon entering the airlock to return, a mudraptor joined me. I ended up scampering out of the airlock back into the water, leaving the mudraptor to tear apart the sub from the inside.

That’s cool, I’d be up for that as well. Those mud raptors can be brutal.

Any interest for tonight?

I'll be there 10:00-10:30ish edt.

I'm out for the next couple of weeks. Let me know if anyone wants the Campaign save we've been playing these past two weeks.

I am OK either way (wait for you to return) in a few weeks or continue. I am definitely out next Thursday 6/24 regardless.

New update out.

Also, here's the save file we've been playing.

It's ok, will wait till you're back.

I finally played some last night for the free weekend and it was difficult. We were using small subs with no defenses and just getting destroyed by sea creatures. No idea how to defend in that situation.

Oh boy, I don't know if there is a way to succeed with no defenses. I would think having the electric pulse panels and someone going out in a Suit armed with harpoons or other firearm might work at a minimum.

Maybe running with less active radar to avoid stirring up th critters.

Also, I really enjoyed playing this with others and if anyone is interested in playing I can try organizing another night.

Is anyone still playing this? I picked it up on sale yesterday and played a good bit. It was a lot of fun.

I'm always down for Barotrauma! I'm only available after 8ish Pacific Mon, Tues, and Wed. I can be more flexible the other nights.

I have forgotten everything about this game. Other than curling up in a ball in the corner doesn't work.

Dakhath wrote:

I have forgotten everything about this game. Other than curling up in a ball in the corner doesn't work.

You will put on a diving suit and fight off those Mud Raptors in the Ballast tanks sailor!

If anyone want to friend me on Steam or Discord, feel free. I'd be up to play some this weekend probably. I am slowly getting a handle on things. I've managed to complete several missions in solo campaign. I've also dipped my toe in the waters with randos in multiplayer. Unfortunately, I've had a couple unpleasant/toxic interactions there.

Checking interest for picking this up for a Thursday night game. Shoot for a 8ish eastern time start.

Hey peeps,

I've recently become aware of this game and my interest is piqued. Not sure if it's a celebratory sale based on the intent to bring the game out of Early Access this Spring or what, but the game is 80% off (5.99) right now. That's a no-brainer at that pricepoint.

Are any of you still playing this?