The GWJ Adventure Game Club - Game 32: Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne (2018)


Developed by ThroughLine Games and published by Square Enix Collective, Forgotton Anne is a cross between platformer and adventure game with a beautiful hand-drawn anime aesthetic style and a delightful orchestral score. The game takes place in the Forgotten Lands, a magical parallel universe where lost objects are given life again, hoping one day that they might be remembered again and returned to the real world. Playing as Anne, an Enforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, you set out to extinguish a rebellion that could prevent her master, Bonku, and herself from returning to the human world.

You can find the game's official website here, usual spoiler warning apply. How Long to Beat estimates about 8 hours to completion. Available platforms are macOS, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, Android.

The main thread is over that way. We'll be playing Forgotton Anne in June 2021, with an extra month should you require it.

I loved this game when I played it... two years ago? I came in knowing absolutely nothing about the story, and it was a delight to see it unfold. Plus, the game is gorgeous and none of the puzzles is super challenging, which is how I like my games. I hope everyone enjoys it!


Did not expect 9 gb. I'm going to chalk that up to the amazing visuals (based on the little I've seen so far).

This is a really beautiful game! The art is just superb, the story is good and I agree with Mario that the puzzles work as long as you're not looking for a challenge. The platforming is occasionally frustrating because it feels super floaty and a bit imprecise, but otherwise really enjoyed it.

For those of you who've already played it, you can check out the Cane & Rinse/Sausage Factory episode on the game with their devs! I haven't had a chance to listen it, but it's always quality content, so I'm very confident in recommending it.

Thanks for sharing that podcast, Eleima, it was a nice listen. The dev of the game is very earnest and eloquent in his answers. Also, story wise, the podcast only really spoils a couple of things from the early part of the game, so I'd say it's ok to still listen to it if you are playing it or are about to play it. There was a particular answer about how the playable character moves through the scenarios that may relate to why I felt a bit frustrated by that aspect of the game, so that was very interesting to hear. The podcast also lays our the motivation and themes for the game really well so it may work as a good incentive to play it in the first place.

Started it tonight, so here are my unfiltered first thoughts:

What a weird but interesting world. The premise about forgotton (sic) things being sent here is kind of fascinating. Why are Anne and Bonku here then? What does the premise mean for them? Why is a real world like place being rebuilt and why are there rebels?

Struct is a jerk.

The game is really beautiful, but the animation throws me off. It almost seems like there are occasional intermediate frames missing. I warmed to it after a while, but it was initially jarring.

Controls on the 360 pad are taking a bit of effort to get used to. I keep pressing the wrong buttons. I like the different ways I can interact with the environment and the tools I have gotten so far.

Telltale-like "This choice will have consequences" events. Interesting.

Looking forward to playing more!

If the podcast is not too spoilerish, I'll listen to it beforehand, thanks for the info, Pink Stripes!

And I'm glad you're finding it fascinating, AUs_TBird!! I wonder how the controls will fare on PC.

Folks, I have the best of intentions to play this, but I'm not going to lie, Mass Effect has been my go to escape these days. I WILL play this though. Just not quite sure when.

I listened to the podcast as well, and I thought it was interesting. Like Pink Stripes said, they spoil a couple of early-game things, but they are mostly about the world and who the characters are. In other words, it is no big deal, but if you want to go in not knowing anything, then definitely wait until you've played for a couple of hours before listening.

Finished the game at the beginning of the month.

The visuals, setting, and idea for the story were really interesting and well done. While I saw the twist coming from a long way away, and there were quite a few inconsistencies (why is there only one of everything? why do some things crystallize far sooner than other, clearly much older things?). The way your choices mattered and affected the story down the line was interesting and I felt the system really could have been fleshed out.

None of the puzzles were much of a challenge, but it probably would have detracted from the experience of playing a Studio Ghibli anime movie. I especially enjoyed a few of the rooftop chases. While the story was in many ways pretty predictable, learning the Enforcer's backstory did tug at my heartstrings though.

Overall, I'm very happy to have played Forgotton Anne, even if I wouldn't consider it a must-play.

Thank you for reporting back!! I’m going to start playing in August. Hopefully, I’ll be catch up soon enough!

Eleima wrote:

Thank you for reporting back!! I’m going to start playing in Augusta. Hopefully, I’ll be catch up soon enough!

I do not recommend travelling all the way down to Georgia just to play a video game.

Oh, and one more thing I just thought of:


The concentration camp parallels - hoo boy! Not really sure what to make of that.

Just finished this tonight, and I agree with pretty much all that's been said here. The highlight was the animation, and some of the characterization was pretty good as well. The story was just fleshed out enough to hang together enjoyably, despite some it being a bit predictable on the whole and feeling a bit flat in some sections. The platforming and puzzles...left a bit more to be desired.

Perhaps not a GOTY contender for me, but it was certainly worth a playthrough.

I finished tonight! A solid game, with an interesting plot. Perhaps a bit bleak though, without getting into spoiler territory. All in all, I had few complaints (mostly that silly puzzle that glitched on me towards the end, with Lost Pieces, spent about 20 minutes on stream stuck with it until I just reloaded from the last checkpoint). Some places here and there came a bit out of left field, and some were a bit anticlimactic, but I really enjoyed it overall. Some of the devs went to film school and it shows. The animation is very nicely done. The voice acting isn't stellar, but it's solid. Not too in love with the platformer bits, but maybe that's because I'm bad at platformers. I'm really glad I played it.

Now to go and read all the spoilers!

Glad you liked it, Eleima!