GWJ Conference Call Episode 758

FIFA 2021(PS4), F1 2019 (PS4),Trials of Fire (PC), and Siege of Avalon: Anthology (PC).

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Amanda and Rich are joined by video game voice-over artist, producer and actor Daryl Lathon to discuss What makes a great supporting character. What about the cast fills out a world and makes it feel more or less real?

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:01:20 FIFA 2021
00:08:08 F1 2019
00:15:50 Trials of Fire
00:21:48 Siege of Avalon: Anthology
00:26:49 Supporting Characters
00:54:25 Your Emails

I haven't played FIFA 21, but I downloaded 20 on Gamepass and found it to be such a massive step down from FIFA 18.

The way AI defends is particularly laughable - individual defenders will run at where the player with the ball is, rather than where they are going and get there a second late only to find no one is there any more.

This is especially bad when the ball is out wide as the Fullbacks will chase out, completely screw up their pursuit and leave an acre of space for the attacker to run into it.

I tried to push through that but eventually gave up after finishing a single season.

Great guest! I’m going to have to check out Unavowed.

Cecil Sharpe was my favorite supporting character in Blackwell Unbound, so I was STOKED when I saw Daryl Lathon was the guest this week.
I really need to play Resonance and Unbound (so many games, so little time!).
This was such a delight to listen to, what a treat! Loved to hear Scout Harding get some love, she's the best.

I heart Mbappe! (The player in the header image)

I loved hearing Daryl talk so candidly about playing FIFA just for pure fun and not as a hardcore competitive game. It almost made me want to go to GamePass and install FIFA 20, but Bismarck had to come tell me it sucks. The older FIFA games are on GamePass too, though...

I do hope Daryl comes back soon!

Well, it turns out this was a very timely discussion with Daryl because FIFA 21 is being added to GamePass this week.