Thunderbolt 3 docks?

The wife just started a new job, and has a Dell XPS 9575 laptop. Rather than sending peripherals for it, she just gets the laptop, and one of the job benefits is being able to get reimbursed for various tech things you buy throughout the year, as some people don't want docks and external monitors (those people are weird). It looks like the official Dell dock is $250-ish, and, well, since they're giving her basically a bucket of money each year to spend on all sorts of things, I'd rather spend it on more fun things than a dock.

She basically uses her laptop as a desktop replacement, and expects to plug in two monitors, a keyboard/mouse/headset, and I suspect that's about it. I've dinked around with desktops plenty, but laptops have just always been something work sent me that I use, and never bothered to learn about dock options. Anyone have suggestions for me here? I can just pick up the official one, but I figured Anker or somebody else has probably made a third-party one that works well, and we can save a few bucks so I can spend her work tech money on fun stuff later.

So it’s 2 x Thunderbolt 3 & 2 x USB-C?

I’m on a 2019 16” MacBook Pro with a similar set of ports, I think.

You should be able to get Thunderbolt to Display Port (or HDMI) cables. That’s what I’ve got setup. Monitors tend to have extra USB ports now, so that will most likely add some USB-A ports.

Work also issued us a HooToo device (USB-C based hub with USB-C power pass through). That way, we have some USB-A ports to utilize, especially if we weren’t using external monitors (weird but ok). Ours have an ethernet port, that I’ll never use.