Vermintide 2: Chaos Wastes, coming out soon!

Heard this was coming on April 20th. It seems like it's 8-10 missions strung together in one session. Does anyone want to group together to play?

I'm in! I may be a few minutes late, usually takes me until about 9:45 Eastern to get my daughters down.

Whoa! Interested.

Cool! See you folks on tonight. Make sure you download the DLC beforehand.

Dakhath wrote:

Cool! See you folks on tonight. Make sure you download the DLC beforehand.

Sounds good..yess yessss

I wasn't able to make it for this one, but I'm curious about how it went. All I heard was Vermintide Roguelike and I was interested. Did it have a markedly different feel from an OG session?

How is it? I was disappointed in the Winds of Magic. Loved the beastmen, thought the new mode was really poorly paced and the new progression system they added didn't feel engaging.

Also, how long does it take to play 8-10 sessions? What happens at the end?

I had a lot of fun last night, hope to play again tonight if people are online though I may be starting slightly later.

I skipped Winds of Magic because of all the bad reviews so I don't know the details of that mode to compare.

The new Chaos Wastes mode is pretty cool so here's the details:

- You start with the starter quality weapons no matter what you're carrying, so pick your weapon type and go from there
- There's a new coin currency you pick up boxes of along the way, each player has his own pool, it's pretty generous
- There are shrines all over the place - One type upgrades your current melee or ranged weapon, another gives you a random weapon of a certain quality, another gives you a random boon
- There's trials scattered through the levels where once activated a random boss appears. Once defeated each player chooses a boon
- Between the shorter missions there's a map you vote which direction to go on, sometimes there's a shrine where you spend coins for boons instead of a mission.
- The full run took slightly over an hour
- The ending is a boss and horde battle. You get reward boxes at the end for various things you've completed on the run. I ended up with 7 boxes to open.

Overall it's a fun mode if you have the time. There's some extra co-op opportunities with unique items like a healing circle that one of us could put down to heal everyone for a set amount of time. There's also some boons that affect the entire team but one person has to pay for them.

I ended up playing with 3 different unique weapons so that's a fun change too. The randomness definitely adds more replayability.

I was just happy to see new maps. Think they have like 5-10 new maps? Pretty sure we haven't seen all of them yet. Did I mention this expansion is free? Cuz it's free. Should at least try it out.

Yep, trying tonight!

Btw, will be on same time tonight.

My brother and I played, we conquered (on the 2nd difficulty). It was great fun, we just spent too much time not sure where to go. Took about 90 minutes total, which is a good amount of time.

Will play again, highly recommended!

I kept having crashing issues last night, had to bow out of the game.

mrwynd wrote:

I kept having crashing issues last night, had to bow out of the game.

Yeah that stinks. Hopefully it gets resolved soon!

I started having other crashing issues with various apps, decided to just do a fresh reimage. I don't think it was Vermintide specific.

Let's shoot for tonight again. 9:30pm EST?

Thanks for the invite, last night was much more successful with zero crashes. I'm enjoying this new game mode.

Anyone still up for these? This week only, I can actually play with east coasters (5-6pm PT) instead of starting 9-10pm PT.