Looking for a gaming TV for + or - 500

So I love my 40 inch Panasonic plasma TV set BUT it has an issue with cutting off the edges of my screen when I hook it to my computer with an HDMI cable and NO hookup for a video cable to go to my PC. There is SUPPOSED to be a video setting that changes this but I don't think it exists. I've searched. Its now 15 years old so time to replace.

I'm looking for a gaming TV with a budget around 500 dollars. I will be hooking this to my gaming PC. Glare will sometimes be an issue. So what are my options? THX in advance.

First stop is rtings.com, look at the options sorted by lowest input latency.

Panasonic called that 'pixel orbiting', and there should be a shutoff for it. However, you then have to be extremely careful about what you display, because the screen will have a lot less resilience against burn-in.