Valorant Catch-All

Valorant is a first-person shooter by Riot Games that heavily plagiarizes competitive CounterStrike both in gameplay and weapons, with the addition that each player chooses a unique character and has special abilities, and a theme that runs more towards anime than military. The fine SWJ podcast did a bit on it when it was in beta, but it has changed significantly since then to be more like CounterStrike in play, and to balance the characters out.


The community is significantly less toxic than CS:GO (and certainly the older CS games). It isn't perfect by any stretch, but for a first-person shooter, it is a breath of fresh air.

It is free-to-play, with cosmetic skins available for purchase.

It has a heavyweight kernel-level anti-cheat system, so not many cheaters, but you have to be comfortable letting them install something like that on your computer.

My user tag is sirdodger#1931, feel free to add me!

I just recently started playing Valorant. The fact is that in CS:GO is simply impossible to play in the wintertime. I mostly play on the Dust 2 map. I meet cheaters about once every 2 games. The only thing that connects me with this game so far is a large inventory of skins that I plan to sell on to just say goodbye to this game. So far, I haven't met any cheaters in Valorant. I hope this will continue. I really like the hero system, and so far my main is Sova. His bow gives a great advantage. This is a legal WH.