Disco Elysium

GWJ Deep Dive: Disco Elysium

Pulled from the 2020 donation drive recordings, Amanda and Rich are joined by GWJ Twitch streamer Josh "Seu" to discuss the many plot twists of Zaum Studio's Disco Elysium.

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GWJ Deep Dive content ventures into spoiler territory. Listen at your own discretion, and enjoy!

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Disco Elysium is the best game of 2019 and I don't care who knows it!

Legit grateful for the Final Cut so I can give it a slot on a GWJ GOTY list since I'll have played it the year it was released.

If I listened to this nine days ago, I wouldn't understand a single word anyone said.

This was great -- I'm now sad that I never got Kim to dance (my Authority was very low).

Shivers was a stat that I wasn't planning on putting points into when I started, but I fell in love with its wistful, Chandleresque flavour text and I wanted more.