Foxhole, a WW2 style MMO

Didn't see a thread so I made one.

Its not an MMO with classes and a billion buttons for abilities, but you do join hundreds of other players (99.999% male I'm sure) in an isometric battle over a fictional land. Both factions are fictional as are all weapons and equipment, so no nazi baggage.

You can do a ton of things. Grab a weapon and fight in trenches, hills, forests, cities, beaches as Infantry. Drive, Command, or Gun for a tank. That tank was built by humans who gathered the resources, processed them, built it, and shipped the tank or drove it to the location it was needed. Spot for artillery, or reload shells, or fire the big gun yourself. Be revived by medics, repair tanks, go behind enemy lines and steal resources. I'm missing some I'm sure but its basically all decided by the equipment you choose for a session and what you decide to do with it. Build bases trench by trench, foxhole, pillbox, artillery emplacements, etc. Huge amount of freedom here.

Its in Early Access and has been for almost 4 years. It's gotten huge updates consistently. I've been watching videos of this guy play

I've been surprised that folks generally seem cooperative and not too toxic on voice chat. Communication is pretty critical. I bought it last week but still havent actually played. I'm not actually big on multiplayer games so Im watching videos to watch how it works more before jumping in. If a GWJ crew exists or started up it would be fun to join.

It's been on my Radar for quite some time. I like the idea, just unfortunately have never taken the plunge and purchased it. I did participate in an Alpha, or maybe Beta, weekend ages ago and had an ok time. Like many MP games, the appeal is much stronger with a group, I imagine.

I like the premise, and I like the developments they've made over time. There seems to be roles for all types of players.

How long does it take to get into action? I remember trying that WW2 online and it sucked that it could take 15 or 30 mins to get to any action and if you died you had to start way back behind the lines.

A nod to convenience allows soldiers to teleport from the home island to certain building types in territory they control. There you can gear up. Once you've made that move into the actual world you're stuck moving like a human until you die as far as I know.

So if you just want to see some action you can jump to any of a bunch of different fronts, grab a rifle and a gas mask and go.

To be fair, Hell Let Loose does all of this and better Just not classified as a MMO and first person instead of isometric.

Hell Let Loose does look cool, I hadnt heard of it before, but have you played both and have a comparison to make, or is that just a swoop and poop?

polypusher wrote:

Hell Let Loose does look cool, I hadnt heard of it before, but have you played both and have a comparison to make, or is that just a swoop and poop?

I've just seen the videos for this but have been playing Hell Let Loose off/on for over a year now. It's come a long way and is a lot of fun. Also if more current time frame is your speed you can also try out Squad.

They all require you to pick a role and play that role and not go be a cowboy. They rely heavily on communications. Very tactical in nature and having a team work together and get sh*t done is a lot of fun win or lose.

Also to be fair i'm not a fan of the isometric look. There's been tons of MMOs that do it, but they don't turn my crank. I know tons of folks who like them.