Monster Hunter: Rise

GWJ Conference Call Episode 755

Games: Monster Hunter: Rise (PS5), Vaporum: Lockdown (PC), Becastled (PC), Madden 2021 (PC Gamepass), Conscious Existence - A Journey Within (Index VR).

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon are joined by guest Rob Parker to discuss what games show to us about ourselves, how they reveal things about the player, and which games we personally find illuminating.

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00:02:12 Monster Hunter Rise
00:14:30 Vaporum: Lockdown
00:22:48 Becastled
00:32:22 Madden NFL 21
00:36:15 Conscious Existence: A Journey Within (VR)
00:41:45 What Games Reveal About the Player

More importantly you find out who you would/would not want around you during a zombie apocalypse!