Win of the Day


A Discord server I frequent has a #win-of-the-day channel, and it seemed like we could use some positivity.


I changed my online avatar today. 43 sites and counting.

I also changed my LastPass master password today, for the first time in 2 years.

If you tell us what it is we can help you decide if it is strong enough. We are here to help

It's not strong enough unless it at least has a second factor.

I was able to sleep, collectively, nearly several hours last night. Little victories

A thing that was taking hours at work to set up. The instructions were basically:

1. Choose some options and tick that box. You have to.
2. Do a whole lot of work
3. Try again because it didn’t work

Then I found some more instructions for what to do if you can’t tick that box.

1. Just don’t tick that box
2. Don’t do anything else because all the hard work is done for you.

Result: 2 hour job done in 5 minutes next time.

Finally got my wife to select a color/style for the new quartz countertops and we got them ordered last night. Now to wait for them to call in 3 to 5 business days to schedule the laser measuring and get them built.

Amoebic wrote:

I was able to sleep, collectively, nearly several hours last night. Little victories :)

I love little victories IMAGE(

I got to hire someone new to my team. Headcount is hard to come by, so that one extra person is going to make a world of difference.

I deleted a spam post in this thread linking to a porn site.

Certis wrote:

I deleted a spam post in this thread linking to a porn site. :drink:

So the Win is that you bookmarked the link?

I mustered up the courage to get my blood test, after...months of putting it off.

Still, it's a win in my mind.

merphle wrote:
Certis wrote:

I deleted a spam post in this thread linking to a porn site. :drink:

So the Win is that you bookmarked the link?

The win is that he knows about a porn site that now, nobody else does.

My son slept all night!

I stayed up until 4am rewriting the back-end of my new personal food tracker app for me and the wife. I also spent a solid hour or more installing and configuring a cross-platform, open source terminal called Kitty. Then I placed a grocery order via Instacart.

It took an army of alarms, and eventually one of my dogs getting in my face, but I woke up by 9:15am!

I then spent the first 2.5 hrs of my work day getting Kitty looking as desired in MacOS. It looks dope af. IMAGE(

Setup for those interested.

I also learned that, to use emoji on GWJ, I have to just link to a downsized image.

Example: img=24x24 starts an image tag of with a small size, and then I just surf for the right one, right click and "copy image location", and bam!


My win of the day:


DeThroned wrote:

My win of the day:


Always knew you were a bot.

Mine is also a PC upgrade. Not quite as impressive as the 5900X though! But I finally upgraded my 256GB ssd to a 1TB ssd. No longer to I have to suffer long load times on RDR 2 and Forza Horizon 4, or whatever else 100GB monster I'm playing. Hell, I can even install both of them at the same time! And even more on top of that!

SpyNavy wrote:
DeThroned wrote:

My win of the day:


Always knew you were a bot.

If I were a bot, I would be terrible! A bot that takes 5 months after release to get something? I don't think that qualifies me for awesome

I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


Learned from How to Change App, File, and Folder Icons on a Mac on HowToGeek.

Apparently AnyConv let’s you drop PNGs onto it, and select the output (ICNS is what you want), and IMAGE(

I have an app on my iPhone/iPad called Working Copy and it makes it too easy to unload my brain when it won’t stop. Clones repos, commits, pushes, etc. Add in the site, and I can even test out my code questions/concerns from my tablet...

I definitely program slower, but from the couch I can prove out ideas. Heroku has a “deploy all pushes to main branch” option and that makes is super easy to keep this Food Tracker up-to-date since it’s storing data in YAML files, kept in the repo. The iPhone version makes it so easy to keep my data up-to-date, too. IMAGE(

Oh this is a fun thread.

I successfully brought an old friend through their first Destiny raid. Felt nice.

Great idea. I may start this up in my Discord.

I have a somewhat unusual gaming setup at home. Of particular note, my PS5 is not plugged into a TV; instead I've been using the PS Remote app on my PC to connect in and basically stream the console over my home network to my PC. It works well enough to let me 100% Bloodborne over the past few weeks, but I've noticed a few hiccups, such as some audio artifacts (crackling) when the sound gets particularly loud, and very rarely a 1/4 second video lag (that was fun during the REDACTED fight). Also, I think it was limiting the video quality to 720p, and it's somewhat compressed. And the PS Remote play app only lets one controller work at a time, so no opportunity for multiplayer. And for some reason the controller speaker doesn't work in this configuration. Oh well.

I Kickstarted the Genki Shadowcast a while back and it just arrived this weekend. It's basically a little thumbstick-sized dongle with an HDMI plug on one side and a USB-C receptacle on the back, and along with the software, you can stream basically anything with an HDMI port to your PC (or Mac, or Chrome browser I think?). And it emulates a 4k display so my god the picture is glorious now, and no audio artifacts. And every single other caveat and gotcha from the above list is resolved. Such a lovely little product.

Not shilling; just a very satisfied customer/backer.

Yeah I have played PS4 games on remote play, but never PS5. Missing out on 4k for 720 isn't worth it usually.

That is not a win, spammer.

(if the above comment is from Stele, the spammer's comment is gone, which is a definite win.)

Just had my second dose of the Pfizer.

I'm a published scientific author!?!? First author I might add! Business Applications for Current Developments in Big Data Clustering: An Overview

Story: When I was doing my Masters back in 2018 I was working with a professor on summarizing the current state of clustering techniques. I had the paper 90% complete, but the prof stopped responding to my emails and wouldn't take any of my meetings (she was really stressed about getting tenure and managing two young kids at the time). I dropped it and didn't think much of it until today.

There's a bot running through the IEEE database inviting people to a random online conference hosted by some Chinese universities and I got invited based on this paper, which I thought was dead, which APPARENTLY got published in December!?!? Got to give kudos to the prof who listed me as first author even though she totally could have sniped the credit.

Finally able to schedule first dose for my wife and (Pfizer). Walmart FTW!

Yay Dethroned! My wife and I just got our first dose of Pfizer and have the second dose scheduled!