recommendations for digitizing photos

I just got a box of a couple hundred pictures from my grandmother and I am trying to figure out what to do with them.

They are starting to bend, look bad etc. so I am thinking I would like them digitized before they get worse - plus it is a pain to keep tons of photos!

Anyone have any recommendations of a good service? I know ther e are ones you can send them off to so what is a good place (preferably cheap)?


Sending them off means they're at risk for damage. Maybe I'm a little protective of these kinds of heirlooms. Find an at-home solution, if possible. a half-decent scanner can probably be found on craigslist or used. If you have a nicer, newer phone, many have document scanner apps, but I'm not sure about the quality for those. I love it for legal documents, but I haven't tried it much as a photography scanner.

A scanner is the way to go IMO. Throw multiple photos on there at a time and you'll go through them quickly.

I had them scan my whole archive of a few thousand frames of black and white film and some slides. Worked very well.

I have tried to use scanners in the past and hate them with a passion reserved for very few things in this world. So I figured if the pictures got lost some how I would not have been seeing them anymore anyway, because there is no way I would scan them.

I would also say that in addition to just the film to digital transfer scancafe does a really good job with dust removal and the basic adjustments needed to make the pictures decently presentable out of the box without a lot of further adjustment. I found this to be incredibly tedious with scanners.

Here is a flickr album of some of what they sent me back, mostly unadjusted by me ... it's both great and depressing how close some of the black and white comes to looking like the prints that I slaved over in the darkroom.