Aliens: Fireteam - Bug Hunt-All

Dakhath wrote:

Playing again tonight, 9:30pm EST. Will be on Discord.

If only you started a couple hours later. I should move over a couple of time zones, so goodjers aren't all asleep the same time the kids are.

Good news: on xbox you can now find other players. Sometimes it takes a while but it is possible. It counts down to starting the game and it puts in bots at 20 seconds if you can't find anyone. Cancelling and starting the search again is fiddly and annoying. Most games it only finds one player and a bot but it's a move in the right direction.

A lot of people are going to think it's my own fault for expecting otherwise but I'm disappointed to say in act 3 my old xbone stutters horribly to the point of regularly being unplayable then eventually crashes. This is with other players. It might be okay with bots but with this game there's not much fun in that.

Gah, that stinks. I haven't heard any bad news on the PS4 front but don't know that many people playing yet. I've only played through the first two missions of Act 1 so far and am still waiting on some friends to be able to purchase the game for multiplayer. It plays well on my PC, save for some sound issues last time, but I haven't had any framerate issues. The only other place I heard opinions on the game was from SkillUp, who was talking about "frame drops" when trying to play around 80-120fps and how it "never dipped below 60", so... I figured it was just one of those "PC Master Race" things when discussing "performance issues".

It sounds like the team are working on patches and such, though. Just really stinks that the Xbox might have gotten the short end of the stick.

I hope you are right, Cc as I bought it to play with pals and haven’t managed to hook up yet due to holidays.

I tried to get a refund on the Microsoft site as I bought it through the Xbox but they said no refunds on digital games if you have played it.

Things look a bit better now. Not sure if it's who I'm in with or patches but I've managed to finish the campaign with friends and randoms. There are regular dips in frame rate and occasional pauses and crashes but much more stable than at the start.

Quite enjoyed the campaign though it's quite limited in what you do. I liked the changing environments but most of it is very cramped and I'd have thought everyone has a build set for close to very close fighting.

I've played tech which has some interesting choices in the build but it's very hard to giage how effective some of the perks are.