Ninja Gaiden Master Collection - Catch-All

What Is it?
Remastered versions of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge in one convenient collection.

Where Can I Play It?
Xbox One

Release Date: June 10, 2021

The hype:

PS4 Announcement Trailer

Switch Announcement Trailer (Nintendo Direct)

This thread is for getting hype for the new remasters, reminisicing about good times with the originals and for talking shop once we get our hands on the games this June.

No PC release... Aarrghh

Any word on any changes, tweaks, etc. that they're making?

garion333 wrote:

Any word on any changes, tweaks, etc. that they're making?

I haven't been able to find anything. It's still early days as far as their marketing campaign is concerned but I hope there's some developer interviews or other deep dives in the next month or so.

My initial thoughts here - aside from frame rates, texture work and making everything extra shiny - is that they'll leave the gameplay untouched and won't even do much in the way of modern QoL improvements. I know these games are famous for their camera system that likes to work against the player but I don't think they're going to change this either, seeing as it's become such a core part of the experience. This is only my gut feeling

The Sigma games did not feature blood so for me, an option to toggle on blood vs. that purple stuff would be nice but certainly not a deal breaker as someone who's only been exposed to NG and NG2 on Xbox.

KramNesnah wrote:

No PC release... Aarrghh

They've announced it for Steam, unless I'm missing something here...

Whoops... call me stupid! Somehow I missed the clear spelling of “Steam” in your original post. My eye just slid over that.

Great to see! I always wanted to play these, now I will be able to.

I think I want this game, but do I really want to replay the original?

Which one in particular, or all of them?

I am thinking of Ninja Gaiden Sigma which I played the original and black.

Vanilla NG on OG Xbox was tough and had the added challenge of being a bit of a Metroidvania, if my memory serves? A bit too much exploration for my liking. Only got to the city and met the dinosaur things before I called it.

I get the feeling NG2 doesn't have the same nostalgia as 1 but I much preferred its straight-forward structure.

I've been in my new home office since late October and haven't gotten around to personalizing or decorating until now.

The social media advertising has been getting at me hard lately! (I've got a couple Dark Souls-inspired posters that still need to find a home on the wall)

I love the NES games, but I've never played any of the reboot series. I'm looking forward to trying these out.

Checked Steam and this looks like it'll unlock today at 5pm Pacific. I had kind of forgotten about this over the past couple months. Having it sink in that I'd be getting the Sigma version of NG2 instead of the blood-filled Itagaki 360 version was a bit of a bummer. It should still be a nice nostalgia trip and I really want to give Razor's Edge a shot.

I think I will wait for reviews and possibly a sale. I love the game but too many others came out at the same time.

I looked at the steam requirements for PC and wow the port looks like it could be bad.

This game can be played in Fullscreen mode.
To do so, launch the game, and then click the maximize icon in the upper-right of the title bar. To return to Windowed mode, press the Esc key while in Fullscreen mode.

You can set the output resolution for playing this game.

Note: The resolutions below are supported.
1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080, 3840 x 2160

To configure the resolution, open the game's Properties from your Steam® Library.By entering "720p", "1080p", or "4k" in the text field of "LAUNCH OPTIONS", you can fix the resolution to the corresponding value.
By setting the game to a low resolution, you can reduce the processing load.

Can someone explain to a dumb dumb like me if Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the same as the OG renowned Xbox one - or is it an entirely new game that came out some time after?

I don't have the full answer but kind of? There were balance changes from ninja gaiden 1 to ninja gaiden black. Then there were other changes from 1 and black to sigma. My understanding is that it is the same core game but sigma is seen as worse than black by some people.

The reviews make it mostly sound the same to me.

I did some digging on the internet for change lists. Other than a lot of people being upset in general but not saying why I did find one long rant that explained why to some degree. NG1 seems to be more or less the same as it is the same core game. NG2 had enemies removed in the sigma version and to correct for this they added health to the remaining enemies. Along with other changes to weapons and weapon unlocks.

Of course a few lines down from this rant are people saying it is better with the sigma changes. I guess we will have to see how good the port is?

So if you want to replay the classics it seems to be based on what you played/saw as the original to you. For me that would be Black so I would have to buy that on Xbox as this is not NGBlack and Black is still for sale on the Xbox. On the plus side this is cheaper if that is your goal.

Thanks Stealthpizza. These are the conclusions I came to myself after scanning through various reviews and user comments.

I pulled the trigger on this and want to reaffirm or clarify aspects of the PC port. Since I have the most fondness for NG2 I installed Sigma 2 first. The port is indeed barebones but aside from not automatically booting up in full screen, the lack of options hasn’t bothered me. There were some Steam reviews of people complaining that there wasn’t even an option to quit to desktop...but there is at least that haha. There’s absolutely no keyboard or mouse support amd I’d like to try basic things like Alt tabbing when I fire it up later. I’d actually like to stream my experiences with Sigma this weekend so I hope the game allows me to tab out without causing problems.

Each of the games installs separately and there is no unified launcher. Not a huge issue even though MassEffect Legendary showed us how to implement such a thing quite nicely.

The boot into windowed mode will surely be patched at some point...?

To the game itself, Sigma 2 is buttery smooth. The new coat of paint is subtle and won’t have you mistaking it for a 2021 release but the visuals still hold up remarkably well. I was so confused at first with the blocked and camera snap mapped to the left and right shoulder buttons before remembering that the Sigma series was originally made for the PS3. The triggers on the DualShock 3 were a spongey disaster and wouldn’t work well for Ninja Gaiden. I selected the Type C control scheme to emulate the controls from the 360 version.

The whole idea of mapping a block and dodge to the same button has become really foreign to me. I am also of course extremely rusty on my ninja-ing. I was getting battered in the “hero style” easy mode but had trouble dying even as a fumbled around. Definitely a good mode for very casual play throughs if the thought of banging your head against another hard game turns you off.

A further note about the lack of graphical options... there won't be any tuning the visuals for performance and the like. So on PC you should meet or exceed the recommended system specs listed or else the games will automatically reduce the resolution for you (so I've read).

So I fired up Sigma 1 for a bit this morning. Oh yeah... I'm definitely feeling the calmer & more methodical pace of the first game right now. I've always loved the bombastic opening to NG2 despite it being such a raw way to hand over controls to a new player of your game. No surprise here, since Sigma 1 is the oldest in the lot, it's benefiting the most from the sharper resolution and bloomy lighting.

And now I know what that Steam reviewer was talking about in regards to quitting the game: in Sigma 1 you have to hit the pause menu and then do back button + clicking in the right-stick to quit to desktop. It is quite bizarre.

After reading all the reviews I want to buy an Xbox now.

Ninja Gaiden 1 chapter 1 competed on normal and I got master ninja rank? I was not expecting that. Is sigma's ranking system easier than Black?

Hey, I got Master in Chapter 2! I honestly have no idea how their scoring system works. I was eating it so bad on the airship level - died at the cyborg boss 10x easily - and I still got Greater Ninja, lol.

I just got ten minutes or so into the mission as Rachel. It's not as bad as I was expecting, to be honest. Sure she's slower and has fewer moves in her repetoire but the warhammer has good reach and crowd control and I can try to play without crutching on Flying Swallow so hard.

Didn't know this thread was around. I held off on Ninja Gaiden for now, and it sounds like there's not much going on with the PC version to make it more worth buying than on Xbox One X. I'll probably snag it on console as a result. Just don't know when.

I was able to get past the final segment of Chapter 6. This was the part I decided to put the game down all those years ago, where you have your first encounter with the red dinosaur creatures. The Galla, I think they're called? When I first played it I had died instantly after going through a long stretch of not being able to save. I didn't rage out strangely. I simply put the game down and had other things to play.

This time around, after having committed myself to finishing this on at least Normal, I did feel a bit of exasperation returning to this encounter and dying. Luckily, discovered a few things to help me aloing:

- You can flee from every group of Black Spider Clan ninjas from the last save point to the Galla arena. There are 3 in total if I recall correctly.
- a Muramasa Shop is near the save point, somewhat tucked into a wall behind some bars and can be missed if you're too busy fleeing from annoying incendiary shuriken ninjas. Great place to stock up on elixirs and upgrade a weapon if you haven't done yet.
- If you choose to fight the Black Spider Clan: block+counterattack. Always be blocking and timing for those counterhits. Then roll away from nearby incendiaries and when you sniff a throw coming your way.
- Flying Swallow and constant blocking for the stupid bikers
- Never did figure out a surefire technique for the Galla except to keep circling and jumping and go for 1-2 heavy strikes at a time. I used the Lunar Staff which seems to put them into stun lock a bit better than the Dragon Sword.

ccesarano wrote:

Didn't know this thread was around. I held off on Ninja Gaiden for now, and it sounds like there's not much going on with the PC version to make it more worth buying than on Xbox One X. I'll probably snag it on console as a result. Just don't know when.

Welcome! There's...nothing much happening here!

Everything you've heard about the PC port is true: it's lazy af. I think the console versions have fared a lot better. I still bought on PC because I'm a NG mark and I never finished the first game (I'll count Sigma as more or less the same), never played Razor's Edge and will be satisfied with playing an inferior version of NG2 in higher res and hopefully without the incredible chugging that happened on the X360 version due to to the insane number of enemies they threw at you.

The PC was a quick fix using the steam launch options for NG1. The exit controls were odd, but mass effect is taking my time right now.

Started Ninja Gaiden Sigma this morning, first time playing it since... well, since I think Bush might have still been in office, if I'm honest. The first chapter had me fooled, what with its ninja that go down in three hits. "Huh, maybe this won't be as brutal as I remembered" I thought to myself as I continued to stock up on healing items.

Boy did Chapter 2 correct that notion.

I think my only grievance is that Ryu has a tendency to attack things I am not actively targeting. I'll try to aim towards an enemy in front for a Flying Swallow and suddenly he'll just do a ground pound attack on another guy or smash what must have been a very aggressive looking lantern or pot. I appreciate the enthusiasm, Ryu, but I could really have you attacking the guy I believe is a very imposing threat.

I decided to play on Normal, but if the game kicks my butt too much I might drop it down to Easy, as I had with my first playthrough of Ninja Gaiden 2. Thing is, I wasn't nearly so good at action games back then compared to now, so I'm curious if I'll be able to stand a chance. The thing is, based on that boss fight on the bridge, this game is really, really interested in overwhelming me and demanding precise timing for things. I created a second save slot after the fight so I could go back and try to do it again, realizing just how much damage the guy on horseback takes from the bow. The problem is there's no time to do "precision" aiming, so once again just gotta hope Ryu targets the guy I want him to target.

Did far, far better that second attempt, though I wonder if you could honestly do well enough by focusing on taking out the constantly respawning wizard dudes for a while. They eventually stop spawning, and thus you can focus on just the guy on horseback with ease, but I feel like you pose a risk of needing more healing items. The timing to absorb healing orbs also seems unfortunately long, as you have to drop your guard for quite a bit while the enemy doesn't leave a lot of room in between their own attacks.

We'll see how the trip on the zeppelin goes.

Hey, you picked it up after all. What changed your mind?

With Flying Swallow, jumping by pressing X + A will send you directly towards an enemy and makes nailing the Flying Swallow much easier.

I remember having so much trouble with the bridge fight on my first try with the non-Sigma version. This time out I simply cleared away the wizards first with the XYY combo and lots of blocking and rolling. For the horseman I think it was mostly Flying Swallows and aerial heavy chops.

I’m working my way through Chapter 9 and have pretty much made the Lunar Staff my main weapon. It’s just so satisfying. Not as epic as it is in NG2 but still a beast with crowd control and delivers good meaty damage.

Last night I conquered a couple boss fights on my first attempt and was quite pleased with myself. Yes I still had to guzzle a bunch of elixirs!

Not so much changed my mind as I was always planning to grab it. Just sooner than expected. I decided to drop Outriders and after trying Star Wars Squadrons and wanting to play Project Sylpheed instead, I figured I needed something more demanding of my attention. E3 also has that sort of impact, driving me to want to pick up and play something new. As I said, it's been a while since I played the original game (never finished), and almost as long since Ninja Gaiden 2 (played it at launch, haven't really gone back since), so I figured it'd feel new enough.

Was a good choice. I only put the controller down this morning so I could pretend to be an adult, and now that most of that is out of the way I'm thinking of picking the controller back up. I wanna see if I can do well enough to beat the she-demon that I stopped at when I first played all those years ago.

Ah, there was one thing that bugged me: the game doesn't seem to actually tell you how to use Ninpo.

Yeah this game doesn't tell you much. Try stuff until you do a thing then wonder how you did that. I think the y and b on xbox controllers.

I am going slow due to others game but I may try to hunt mist achievements in the game.

Completed chapter five, and was not only surprised to have a mission where I played as Rachel (guess it was added in for Sigma), but also how slow she felt compared to Ryu. Typically I end up choosing females in things like fighting games because they're faster, but it's completely the opposite here. Some of her moves were pretty wicked, like being able to use the dodge to roll right over an enemy, but I found her more difficult for dealing with larger demon crowds.


Especially when the only reward is a hair style.

So I thought I figured out how to use the... Flying Guillotine? to grab the guys riding bikes and throw 'em off, but on round two it wasn't working. I feel like that's kind of happening for a number of things, actually. The counter doesn't seem to always work, for example.

Oddly enough, though, I was never good enough in 1 or 2 when I played it to pull off the Izuna Drop. Now, I'm all about spamming that Izuna Drop where I can. Learning which enemies I can use it on and which I can't, though. Soldiers with the riot shields, for example? Not reliably. Better to break their guard with that upward slash, then come right back down to smash 'em into the floor. Every time I feel like I'm getting adjusted, though, it feels like something new is tossed my way.

Also: way too many spots they want you to use the bow and arrow. This game's ranged combat is trash and I wish they didn't force you to use it so often.

Can confirm, B+Y is Ninpo.

Also: I defeated Alma, which means I am the furthest I've ever progressed in Ninja Gaiden. I remember feeling like I ran out of money when I played on Xbox, and just didn't have enough healing or something. I also kept going through a room with a ton of enemies that I didn't need to. Now, I had plenty of money to max out my Elixers (Great Elixers were already maxed) and still have plenty left over, and I was smart enough to just drop down into the Monastery sanctuary rather than fight through a horde of frustrating fiends.

Needless to say, I'm definitely better at the game than I was once upon a time ago. At the same time, looking online, Sigma is "easier"... than Black at least? I don't recall if Black is the one I had played, but if so, kind of glad to be onto Sigma if I was playing the harder version.

Still mostly sticking to the Dragon Sword, what with that Izuna Drop and all (I evidently unlocked an achievement to Izuna Drop 100 enemies, which is apparently rare on Xbox right now).

Everything from here on out is new to me, though... it's been so long it's only been vaguely familiar as it is.