Larry Flynt RIP

While he was a smut king with all of the negativity that goes with that, I always appreciated Flynt's fights for free speech and against GOP hypocrisy.

I wouldn't call him a good man, but he definitely had both positive and negative impacts on the world around him (thus this being in the D&D forum). The positive, at least, should be celebrated.


I am honestly shocked he was still alive.

I liked him being around because he really separated people who actually defended the 1st amendment and the people who only cared when speech they agreed with was being restricted. People's opinion of him really let you know which kind of "patriot" you were dealing with.

He always seemed like a fairly loathsome guy who was fighting important fights. He's an example of needing to defend rights for scumbags, because attacks on rights are always tried first on assholes. If you don't have rights when the government hates you, or even wants you dead, you don't have rights at all, you have revocable privileges.

His legal victories made me happy, even while his behavior made me cringe.

Also, it should be noted that his legal victories against obscenity statutes ended up being a huge influence on the Internet. Porn would have happened there no matter what, and if Flynt hadn't set the precedents he did, the early Net might have been really messed up by wrongheaded attempts at regulating something the regulators didn't understand.

Which, in truth, is still happening now, but it would have been a lot worse without Flynt.

As a writer I support Flynn’s fight for First Amendment issues. But I have to wonder if Flynn’s particular version of pornography has been good for society. I was recently reading an article by liberal thinker Chris Hedges that talks about the problems of exploitation in the porn industry and how too many sex workers get caught up in the field due to mental health and addiction issues. Not to mention how hyper masculine focused, aggressive porn (aka Flynn’s speciality) has messed with how young men relate to their partners.

As a quick heads up, Larry Flynt’s landmark case won him the right to publish an illustrated ad wherein he accused Jerry Falwell of f*cking his mom while drunk in an outhouse. Now, I am a religious person and I believe Jerry Falwell is currently being flayed over and over in hell for his crimes against God during his life, so I have no need to defend the man or what Flynt wrote about him. But I don’t like fundamentalism in my religion and the last few years have soured me on the idea of fundamentalism in my free speech.

He also spent much of his life in a wheelchair after taking a bullet from a white supremacist who objected to interracial porn.

Interracial lesbian porn is the best porn. Larry is my hero. God bless his soul. I don't want to imagine a world without him, a world where all the porn was the same. No that would be true hell. I hope he is up for sianthood. RIP

Usually, I'd say that's a rather shocking statement for a RIP thread. However, it's a thread about Larry Flynt, so... that being said, let's not wax on about our personal porn preferences here.

So much of porn is boring because so much of it is the same, though. He definitely did some monumental things for porn, but I agree with Jdzappa, I wouldn't consider it all so positive in reference to how it shaped the industry. Pretty much all you see is what turns men on because of that influence that people like Flynt had on dominating the space with the heterosexual masculine perspective. It also makes trying to find genuine lesbian pornography that appeals to actual lesbians extremely difficult to find. >:|