NCAA Football 2021-22 Season

Prederick wrote:

EDIT: Also, Brian has the comic timing/sensibilities of a dead frog.

I mean, he kinda looks like a dead frog now.

Well, it's certainly not like he's been involved in the death of a stu..............

Wow FSU really blew it with the kicker there. Wide left again huh?

We iced our o n kicker. I get it, it was to move the ball up 10 yards or so but it took too long. It didn’t help that the ACC refs wanted to spot the ball in the wrong place and it took them another couple minutes to get it right

But I think the killer call was In the 3rd going for it on 4th and 2 in FSU territory. I think that call changed the game

But hey. At least we don’t have a quarterback contro…….

Ego Man wrote:

But I think the killer call was In the 3rd going for it on 4th and 2 in FSU territory. I think that call changed the game

Yeah, I didn't understand that one at all.

Glad ND won the game, but their defense in the second half was worrying. In 3 years of our previous defensive coordinator, Clark Lea, ND gave up 3 plays of 60+ yards. Just 3 in 3 years. ND gave up 2 last night.

The FSU running back Corbin was pretty great on the day. Really impressed with him.


Stele wrote:


Yeah, I tuned in for most of the second quarter. It was not pretty. Sorry, Stele.



I'll eat my crow in the header thank you.

Don't worry, ESPN will find a way to get a 3-loss OSU into the playoff.

If this doesn't turn around soon for UW, should Jimmy Lake get fired just two games into the season?

The Ags in a comeback W after our new QB gets knocked out of the game, while Arky blanks the t-sips? SUBSCRIBE!

Great googly moogly, the Hogs are punking the absolutely pretender, always "back" but never actually good longhorns! They are who we thought they were! The refs want to help the longhorns but they can only do so much! Soooooliiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee, pigs!

Louisville WR drops 95 yard TD at the 2... into the end zone for touchback. Cards fail to cover against E. KY.

Dumb kid missing being in record books for longest TD pass in Louisville history.


Cal 0-2. Brilliant strategy.. if we win out we don't go to the playoffs, but will go to the Rose Bowl.

Justin Wilcox always looking 6 moves ahead.

USC's kicker got tossed for targeting on the first play of the game.

In my personal record book, that makes this game a W for USC, and the kicker finishes no lower than 3rd in the Heisman voting.

Meanwhile, Arkansas' social media team with a BANGER.

Prayers up for Ego Man. I am so sorry.

Jacksonville St. lost 31 to 0 to UAB last week.


My wife is upset this morning, and can only be comforted by the fact that, she, her parents, and our son are at the beach this week while I am stuck at work.

My team, on the other hand, is undefeated, and will surely be on its way to the college football playoff.

Go Herd!


There's a little bit extra if you turn on closed captioning.

What a weekend!

Former 5 star John Emery has somehow managed to become academically ineligible at LSU. Considering the support staff and tutors that power 5 football teams have this is quite the accomplishment by the program.

Chizik 2.0

USC fires Clay Helton. Paging Urban Myer...


Prederick wrote:


Not fun until the flight trackers come out. Where's that USC jet's (or booster's jet) tail number?

Cal vs. FCS Sacramento State! Here's our chance for our win and start the streak towards the Rose Bowl! Aside from Oregon the Pac-12 North is a wide open race!

Pick 6, Cards beat UCF in the final minute 42-35

Back and forth game no FG attempts. Just TD slugfest with a couple lead changes.