EA Sports College Football 2022

Posted in the normal CFB Thread, but one way we solve this licensing problem is to offer a lower price "My Team" version.

The My Team costs half the price of the full version features one college team of the players choice, including names, likeness, licensed logos, fight songs, everything. Every other team is identified, like an Oregon and Alabama with logos from the NCAA but players are still"RB #33". You can only play as the one team you choose. That way the majority of the licensing revenue goes to the school in question. They can pay a few kids to sell this version at every home game and that school gets the majority of the benefit.

It could solve the problem about big name school demanding more money because they think their school is more valuable than the other school. If I'm only buying the Cal version, Notre Dame can't claim that they deserve more of my dollar than Cal, and if it turns out that I'm the only one buying the Cal version and everyone else is buying ND, then they have certainly earned more money.

This of course is predicated on my honest belief that most fans of College Football video games really only care about one team... their team. Will only want to play a dynasty mode with that team, and that they get more joy watching their team go undefeated every season, than playing as a team that actually can go undefeated

They could sell DLC team rosters per school. Direct money, easy to license and distribute.

And they can charge double to SEC fans. I mean if it "just means more" then it has to cost more too.