Recommend me mask thread.

So I've been able to do a lot of work from home for the past year, but alas, experiments require me to be in the lab for an extended time finally.

I didn't see a recommend me a mask thread so I thought I would throw it up.

I have tried maybe 5 or 10 different mask types, but I ended up preferring a neoprene mask that is well shaped. Unfortunately it is relatively thick and gets sweaty when I walk around the labs all day with it. I am fine with the standard medical mask, but would prefer something washable/reusable.

I was thinking about trying a mask from one of the vacuum companies but was wondering if anyone here had recommendations.

Face masks

It’s cool that they now have precut filters. I’m still working with the vacuum bags and outlining
Masks can be washed and I feel okay with them with the filters.

I tried a bunch of rando Amazon masks before I found Old Navy masks.

They have a somewhat thick but breathable fabric, have pleats so they expand to cover your entire face (including your damn nose!) and have adjustable ear straps for comfort.

I guess the only downside is they come out of the dryer pretty wrinkly. Overall though I highly recommended them.


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Is it sad that I completely forgot that this exists... but still want to call you out for taking a whole 40 mins to post it from the thread start?

This is the best one I know:


Aww, I misunderstood the topic!!!!!

Here’s mine then:


Seriously though, check out the Old Navy ones

These are my favorite:

Made in Japan. I can wear one all day working retail and have no discomfort or annoyance.

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Is it sad that I completely forgot that this exists... but still want to call you out for taking a whole 40 mins to post it from the thread start?

I can't be on the site 24/7.

I've purchased two novelty masks since the world went to sh*t. One says "Spaceballs: The Face Mask" and the other is the M.A.S.K. logo. They're both slightly too small for my big head so I can't really wear them and I am sad.

I bought two "nice masks from companies (instead of just using the ones they have at store entrances)

They have both been very nice.


I like this one a bit better because it has a third strap so you can take it off your ears and it hangs around your neck then you can just pull it back up and hook it on your ears when needed.

It is made out of flannel though so it isn't going to be great for summer but it is nice and warm currenly.

I haven’t tried the Tom Bihn masks myself (ms bravado sews and has been having fun trying and customizing different patterns), but the company knows how to make things that last. The backpack I bought from them in 2013 and have traveled internationally with still looks new.

I found a lot of masks were too small on my big face (with a bit of extra face-size provided by a beard too, but a fellow large-faced friend recommended these from Outdoor Research, and they've been great, if a touch expensive.

I still think masks with pleats are the way to go. They expand to cover your face and stay on better when you speak in my experience.