Bold Predictions 2021


Even at our boldest, none of us could have seen the dumpster fire that was 2020. But that’s no reason to hold back now; 2021 is our year! Spectacular glory and sensational defeat await!

Be sure to check out the latest Conference Call, as the hosts review their former predictions and prognosticate on the year ahead. Then, take a look back to the before times to see how your own predictions held up to the pandemic.

Join us, won’t you? Declare your bold predictions in the comments. The bolder, the better! As always, we’ll lock the thread in a few weeks. Enjoy!

2021 Predictions

Shawn “Certis” Andrich

  • Nintendo: No Breath of the Wild 2 this year, but there will be a Switch Pro in Q4 that costs $399, launching alongside Mario Kart 9.
  • Microsoft: Once the dust settles in 2021, the new Xbox consoles will have outsold the PS5.
  • Sony: Sony will buy From Software.
  • Epic Games will buy Remedy Entertainment.
  • Diablo 4 will not launch this year, but the Diablo 2 remake and Diablo Immortal for mobile will release in 2021.
  • Bethesta’s Starfield will be released by the end of the year.

Amanda “Amoebic” Knowlton

  • Sony will release a PlayStation Pro with slightly more storage. They will spend way too much time marketing and showcasing the new color palette, but it will still be that stupid shape.
  • Following in the success of AOC playing Among Us, a few games-inexperienced politicians or politics-adjacent figures will attempt a games stream. Someone will infiltrate their stream, leading to an abrupt disconnect and a PR nightmare.
  • The next, big streaming platform will be in VR.
  • Furries and VTubers will be instrumental in subverting the cultural status quo (similar to what Kpop Stans did in 2020).
  • At least one VTuber will make it into the cultural public mainstream in North America.

Allen “DarthGrimace” Cook

  • We will see a new installment of a LucasArts adventure game property.
  • Star Wars: Squadrons 2 will be announced.
  • A number of developers will close or get bought out by the major platform companies, returning us to a world of console exclusives.
  • Movie theaters will partner with an eSports league for viewings of a tournament.

Rich “The Joyconjurer” Lovejoy

  • The Switch Pro will be delayed, but it will debut in 2022 with Breath of the Wild 2 as a launch title.
    Pushing my Luck: Twitch gets an app onto the Switch. Switching and Twitching is no longer something naughty, but now also something wholesome.
  • The PS5 Pro is announced right around the same time that launch PS5s become widely available.
    Pushing my Luck: Xbox Series X-2X becomes the worst named piece of hardware in history.
  • Nvidia is quietly doing amazing things. Their game streaming service is poised to eat Stadia’s lunch. This is the year Nvidia becomes as big a name in gaming as Epic.
    Pushing my Luck: Nvidia acquires a larger company or creates their own storefront. Nobody expects the Nvidia Nquisition!
  • VR settles into being a fun, niche hobby, which is the very reason its popularity explodes.
    Pushing my Luck: A prominent TV show or film will utilize VR in a cool way, either as a viewing enhancement or as a narrative plot point. This helps drive VR’s success.
  • It turns out Elden Ring has already been released and is an ARG that we’ve all been playing without realizing it.
    Pushing my Luck: The real Elden Ring is the friends we’ve Zoom’d along the way.
  • Sony or Microsoft will follow the precedent set by the President of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, by featuring a business leader named after one of their flagship villains.
    Pushing my Luck: Introducing PlayStation Santa Monica President, Bethany Robot-Dinosaur!
  • We’ll see the first LAARRPGs (Live Action Augmented Reality Roleplaying Games).
    Pushing my Luck: It won’t be based on any current TTRPGs or LARPs, but the IP will have its roots in video games.
  • The PS5's first big-name disappointment is HZD: Forbidden West. The first big-name hit in 2021 is Returnal.
    Pushing my Luck: Solar Ash ends up being the big surprise hit, actually.
  • A trailer for Dragon Age IV drops, and it contains the phrase: “If you’re going to make an omelet, you need to break a few eggs.”
    Pushing my Luck: Omelet Season gets a release date for December 2022. They miss this date.

Glendon “Staygold” Hass

  • Overwatch 2 will release in March, but will be only the PVP expansion with new modes and new characters. The PVE portion will be delayed indefinitely and eventually rebranded into an entirely new property.
  • Feeling pressure from Epic, Steam begins weekly game giveaways.
  • The shortages and general unavailability of graphics cards and consoles will continue into 2022.
  • This will be the year of the RTS revival. No less than 3 RTSs will place on the 2021 GWJ Community Games of the Year list.

Aaron “TurboHoodie” Amendola

  • Sony will purchase two of the following studios: Cardboard Computer, Night School, or Mobius Digital.
  • A new Doom movie based on Doom Eternal will be announced.
  • Dead Space Remaster will be announced, signaling a reboot of the franchise and a shift to first person perspective.
  • Mario dies
  • Lucasfilm Games announces their own crossover title that combines characters from Full Throttle, Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and more into a huge, puzzle-adventure. It will be developed by Don’t Nod Entertainment.


  • Breath of the Wild 2 will release in time for Christmas and will feature Zelda as a playable alternative to Link, but only during certain portions of the game.
  • The Switch Pro will finally get a release date to coincide with the release of Breath of the Wild 2. It will feature higher resolutions (both docked and handheld), Bluetooth audio support, but will return to 3-4 hours of battery life.
  • The long-awaited Metroid game on Switch will get a full trailer and a release date for March 2022.
  • Epic Games will continue to hand out free games weekly throughout the year, but the pace of repeat offerings will go up significantly.

Felix Threepaper

  • The Switch will release its own VR headset: a set of proprietary rubber bands that you use to attach the Switch to your face.
  • The Elder Scrolls 6 will be announced as a Microsoft exclusive. Related: I will finally get an Xbox.
  • Valve will finally release Half-Life 3, and it's a battle royale game.
  • Rockstar announces a new IP that finally synergises its content with Rockstar’s game controls: Oil Tanker. If you liked the campside chats in RDR 2, well, there's plenty more where that came from! The tanker crew has to while away weeks at sea with the tanker on auto-pilot. There'll be minigames aplenty! Plus, a deal with Amazon will let you stream movies in-game. And no fast travel.
  • All sports games will re-release the 2021 version of their game as the 2022 version, just with reduced crowd sizes and masks.
  • Obsidian or Bethesda will announce that Fallout: New Vegas is being remastered. Failing that, I will try to play it on the PlayStation streaming service.
  • Hideo Kojima announces his next game: one where you control a camera and just get to look at Norman Reedus in 4K as he goes about his day.


...thank you for bolding "boldest"

Oh, Rich, lol

Whelp, I think a lot of predictions from last year were bound to be thrown for a loop. Let's see how mine were.

Spoiler: Last year's predictions
Due to similar marketing confusion as the WiiU, the Xbox Series X will struggle this holiday season to sell to all but the knowledgeable gaming audience and those with tech savvy. It's already difficult enough differentiating Xbox One X with Xbox Series X, and will drive more casual consumers bonkers compared to the obviously clear and concise PlayStation 5. That many Series X titles will be playable on One, such as Halo Infinity, will also give many consumers reason to wait until the system's first price-drop or new form factor, assuming there is one. With a name like Series X, it's possible that there will be multiple models, which will only add to the confusion. Regardless, Microsoft's approach in naming and other factors will cause the Series X to sell well enough to a limited audience, but overall the PlayStation 5 will be the holiday winner in 2020.

I have no clue about the sales figures, and it's likely if PS5 did better it's only because of the "home-turf advantage" of Japan. It looks to me they otherwise sold about the same, which is honestly no surprise. However, it certainly seems like there were Xbox One X's purchased by accident. Even if the logic wasn't wholly accurate and Covid made things more difficult than they'd otherwise be, I was pretty much correct in that Microsoft's naming conventions were terrible. Unlike the WiiU, however, it did not prevent units from being sold.

That said, Microsoft has proven that there's value in their services to most consumers. Project xCloud in particular will likely come ahead as Google Stadia continues to struggle, and just as PSVR is the "mainstream" friendly variant of Virtual Reality, xCloud will become the mainstream friendly game streaming service by 2020's conclusion.

I don't really pay attention to Cloud Gaming. Even among Cloud Gaming fans/enthusiasts, however, it feels like the only ones that are fine with Stadia are those that have just bought in wholesale to Cloud Gaming as a service regardless of who is providing it. Everyone else I know either has no interest, or would prefer nVidia's cloud gaming service. I'll need someone else to point out the accuracy of this prediction.

Don't know if you could call it a prediction for 2020, but GDC's State of the Industry indicates that there aren't a lot of developers keen on streaming or subscription services. Keep in mind it also says very few are interested in next-gen, but I believe the numbers are thrown off for a simple reason: there are far more indie developers and indie representatives at an event like GDC than representatives of larger AA and AAA game studios or publishers. Indies are unlikely to even be able to obtain dev kits for PS5 or Xbox Series X. However, while I believe it will mischaracterize what we're likely to see the next couple years in terms of major AAA and AA games on next-gen, I think it gives us an indication of what to expect from indies. And if indies are worried about streaming and subscription services, it means it'll make it harder for new, break out titles to even have a chance, let alone be noticed. So my prediction is that the only indie games you'll see on these services are already proven games or ones that are from more notable studios, with implications that the day of games like Minecraft or Five Nights at Freddy's springing out of nowhere are in their twilight... except on phones, maybe, or some areas of Steam. Regardless, even on GWJ you can see people eager to move to subscription services and away from ownership, and while that has opened up an avenue of smaller-to-middle scale film on Netflix, I feel with games it wouldn't work so well.

Was this a prediction? Was I predicting something here? This is a huge conversation, and if anything, I think what we think of as "indie" is itself beginning to morph, where the line between "guy in his bedroom" and "small team with an office and publisher but owning their own IP" is increasingly blurred.

I feel like going back in time and having an argument with myself over this obnoxious paragraph.

So I guess that's not so much a prediction, huh? Not one that we would be able to witness in just a year, at least. Still, something I found interesting.

It wasn't! It was bait and verbose, you dolt!

I'm always wrong about video game predictions, but what the heck. Might as well shoot for the stars.

Stop wasting my time!

No official tease for Half-Life 3, but the fan-base will still comb through everything they can in Alyx to use as a potential "teaser" for an official third entry.

Did they? I certainly know people are looking out for Half-Life 3 again, especially with Gaben claiming Valve are making games.

Finally more news on Bayonetta 3

This is my Half-Life 3.

Finally more news on Shin Megami Tensei V

We got a trailer and a release year!

First trailer of Persona team's fantasy-RPG project

Gonna roll this one over.

The Metroid Fusion remake is real and releases on Switch this year.

This one, too.

As usual, I seemed to be cranky when coming up with these predictions. That, or cynicism just runs deep. Regardless, I'm thinking a bit more positive this year. Just in case, I'll also put those behind a spoiler tag.

Spoiler: Bold Predictions for 2021
  • The Metroid Fusion remake is real and really, really does release in 2021.
  • There will be a teaser for Metroid Prime 4, but it will release no earlier than 2022.
  • It is the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, and therefore Nintendo will, at the very least, have ports of Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD planned. Skyward Sword HD will be announced.
  • We will see more of Breath of the Wild 2. It will either be the big holiday release of 2021, or it will release on the 5th year anniversary of the Switch in 2022.
  • New Switch hardware will be announced. Whether it is a "Pro" model or a "SwitchU/2" I dare not predict. Nor will I predict its release date.
  • Bayonetta 3 will finally see release.
  • One of the following characters will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes 3), Jeanne (Bayonetta franchise), Rodan (Bayonetta franchise), Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher 3), Ring Fit Adventure Protagonist (Ring Fit Adventure), Dante (Devil May Cry franchise), Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter franchise)
  • Persona 5 will not show up on the Nintendo Switch, despite Joker being in Smash Bros. and Persona 5 Strikers being on the platform (and a direct sequel to P5).
  • We'll finally get a new trailer and details for Project Re:Fantasy
  • Yoko Taro's next project will be teased shortly after or before the release of the Nier Replicant remake
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Part Two is teased, but will have a vague release date of "2022".
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake gets a PC port announced.
  • Babylon's Fall gets a release date for 2021.
  • Final Fantasy XVI will be slated for 2022.
  • Dragon Quest XII will be announced, but not released in 2021.
  • Square Enix will continue to announce new heroes for Marvel's Avengers, but, despite celebrating its 1 year anniversary, it will become clear that support is dwindling and they'll plan on abandoning the project.
  • BioWare will continue to be transparent regarding the rebuilt of Anthem, but it will struggle to generate any excitement
  • Destiny 2's community will continue to be divided between those that play constantly and love it, those that play constantly and hate it, and those who play it every so often but continue to have waning interest. None of the seasons will be enough to rejuvenate it, though the autumn expansion will finally add content back in that the audience will be open to.
  • Respawn will announce a new game in development. It will not be Titanfall 3 (nor will it be Jedi: Fallen Order 2)
  • EA will announce something involving Dead Space this year. Glass half-full: it's a remastered trilogy package with Extraction as a pre-order bonus (I mean, this is EA, after all). Glass half-empty: it's a completely tone deaf sequel or reboot. Glass completely full: it's Respawn's new project and they turn out to be far better at 3rd person action-horror than combination-Dark-Souls-Character-Action games.
  • Halo: Infinite will release to mixed reception. It will be largely perceived more positively than Halo 5, but much like the middle-aged man's days of being the young and spry high school quarterback are far behind them, so are the days where Master Chief was a significant pop culture gaming icon.
  • Warner Bros. Interactive announces some garbage microtransaction bullcrap for Back 4 Blood. How invasive it is will determine whether I buy it or am very, very disappointed.
  • By the end of 2021, Cyberpunk 2077 will have been patched enough (and put on sale enough) to have been played and received positively by late comers. Playing it after expectations had been dashed will allow those players to see its positives more positively and dismiss its negatives more easily. It will not be as beloved as Witcher 3, but it will find its audience.
  • Even though Assassin's Creed has pushed more and more towards RPG and therefore this prediction is very unlikely, I'm going to predict 2021's entry takes place in Russia/Moscow so people can finally climb St. Basil's Cathedral.

That's about all I can think to predict. Might add some later.

Three Switch Pro predictions! Somebody fetch Clocky.

Scoring myself:

CD Project Red will hold a press conference to announce Cyberpunk 2077 will not release until I personally have finished Witcher 3. I will be kidnapped and forced to play it a la the brainwashing scene in A Clockwork Orange.

They should have done this; I would have given them plenty of time to finish developing the game. But a kidnapping and forced playthrough would have violated social distancing guidelines.

Anthem Next, or whatever they end up calling it, will deliver the goods with the gameplay and story Anthem should have had all along. But there will be controversy about how EA charges for it. Either a paid expansion or a lot of F2P-style semi-mandatory store purchases, frustrating those who paid full price to suffer through the 2019 launch.

No, it's back to the drawing board. They're still occasionally blogging about concepts for the revamped game, but it's an interesting bet whether we will see the results even by the end of 2021.

Microsoft and Sony will cut whatever they have to (Disc drives? Controllers?) to create a $499 SKU for both the PS5 and the Xbox Se. X, with the “real” versions costing more.

They both released versions without disc drives, but $499 turned out to be the top end.

I won’t be able to find either until 2021.

Wrong! Walmart refreshed their PS5 stock just for me on Thanksgiving Eve. I was trying harder to find one than I was planning back when I wrote that.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be announced for PS5, releasing in 2021.

Forbidden West has been announced. Now to wait and see if it actually releases this year.

Nintendo will have a quiet year, with Animal Crossing being their only flagship franchise release.

Unless you count Paper Mario or the re-releases, this is a win. I wonder if their pipeline really was empty, or if the pandemic caused the delay of some planned surprise.

No release date will be announced for the second chapter of the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Special bonus long-term prediction: by January 1, 2030, the conclusion of the Final Fantasy VII remake will still not have been released.

So far, so good. The watch continues...

Predictions for 2021:


Horizon Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok are both delayed until 2022. It's Ratchet & Clank vs. the revamped Halo Infinite for the console exclusives championship 2021!

The post-vaccine sales slump is real but will mostly affect hardware. This will come as a relief as new Xboxes, PS5s, top-end video cards, etc are suddenly easy to find. Then we'll see articles about unsold stock piling up too quickly.

After they become demand-limited and not production-limited, sales will be Series S > PS5 > Series X.

The breakout indie hit will be something with local multiplayer.

The other breakout indie hit will be something that promotes Twitch viewer participation. Dead Cells and Noita flirted with this; Gone Viral is trying to push it further; it might be something else entirely. But this is the year.

The breakout VR hit will be some kind of strategy game, real-time or turn-based. Think Homeworld, with all the ships zipping past your ears.

The Switch Pro launches. It is not called the "Switch Pro." Its marquee launch title is... Bayonetta 3. Breath of the Wild 2 is a 2022 release.

Sony unlocks the PS5 NVMe slot, but in a way that annoys everyone, like requiring those already-expensive PCIe4 drives be sold in marked-up, PS5-branded packaging.

Sure, what the heck: Anthem 2.0 Next Revised Reborn launches in late 2021. It's free to a certain level/chapter/whatever, then there's a purchase, slightly discounted for the early adopters.

Well that happened.

2020 recrap... er... cap:

My 2019 prediction wrote:

* Star Wars: Whatever will release because as mentioned in the Conference Call because Lucasfilm and Disney want something Star Wars related in concert with the new movie. This will likely be the last Star Wars game EA releases as the license holders adopt the model Marvel's using for Spider-Man and Avengers to farm out new versions of classic Star Wars games to AAA publishers.

The latter part remains to be seen, but given what a surprise success Jedi: Fallen Order was it's entirely likely Disney opts to stick with EA the next time the license is up. Whether or not EA wants to stick with Disney, though...

First, let me point out that I WAS ONLY YEAR EARLY on this one. Now on to the actual recap:

* PS5 and XBox Sex will be had by year's end, however launch sales will be below predictions particularly for Microsoft's console. Cited reasons will include a decline in the economy, issues overseas related to the coronavirus, and Gamepass eliminating the need for XBox Sex among PC players.

I had the wrong company because you'd think the company with the longer track record of making hardware would be better at making hardware.

* Assassin's Creed: Something. I hope it's somewhere in Asia, but I wouldn't be surprised at this point if it's not.

I should have said it would be Caucasian. Very Caucasian.

* The Last of Us 2. It'll come out this year, it'll be a PS5 launch title, and it'll be GOTY for a lot of people.

Two out of three ain't bad, but it's probably more one out of three.

* The Romeros' Empire of Sin will be regarded as the best XCOM since XCOM 2 and is my sleeper pick for GOTY.

Swing and a miss.

* Cyberpunk 2077 will be a critical failure and may be regarded as one of the worst AAA titles of the year.

Who's got two thumbs and the above accurate prediction? This guy.

* So too will The Avengers and despite the Marvel name and delay to September it'll be a sales failure, as well. Expect a sequel to Insomniac's Spider-Man to be announced not long after the Avengers flop.

So close that I'm just going to take that one.

* The actual Game of 2020 will spring forth from the same, unpredictable aether that gave birth to the likes of Baba Is You and Disco Elysium, because that always seems to be what happens.

Hades, anybody?

2021 predictions:


* Nintendo Switch 3D. How's it going to work? How the f*ck should I know; I'm not an engineer. But count on it!

* XBox Sex and the PS5 will... come in different colors.

* Newer VR. Better VR. VR with fewer cables.

* Vampire Bloodlines 2 will be a hot but loveable mess.

* The bulk of the hotly anticipated AAA titles of this year are going to get pushed back.

* The GOTY as determined by the industry will be made using crunch. The GOTYs as determined by the press will increasingly not involve crunch and not be from a major publisher.

* There will be plenty of Among Us clones. There will also be plenty of Phasmophobia clones. Also stemming from Phasmophobia: more games using Windows voice recognition as a game mechanic.

* To try to take advantage of a desire for cyberpunk as a genre, expect the next Deus Ex and Shadowrun games to be announced in 2021.

* Also expect Jedi Fallen Order 2 to be announced.

* Not coming out this year even though they've been announced: Dragon Age 4 and Starfield.

* Disco Elysium's fully voiced special edition will be GWJ's Community Game of the Year.

ccesarano wrote:

I don't really pay attention to Cloud Gaming. Even among Cloud Gaming fans/enthusiasts, however, it feels like the only ones that are fine with Stadia are those that have just bought in wholesale to Cloud Gaming as a service regardless of who is providing it. Everyone else I know either has no interest, or would prefer nVidia's cloud gaming service. I'll need someone else to point out the accuracy of this prediction.

As much as I've been banging the Stadia drum for the past year, none of the services has really drawn a large audience. With Microsoft and Amazon's services just starting, we'll have to wait another year to see how much traction they gain.

For the time being, Stadia is reaching the audience it wants to reach (casual gamers who play on multiple devices), and GeForce NOW is reaching the audience it wants to reach (PC gamers with sizeable libraries). I haven't played GeForce NOW enough to comment on the technical achievements, but people who use it seem very happy with it. I've put in a lot of hours on Stadia games, and it is way more solid than my most optimistic expectations... but it's still far from perfect, and its availability is limited both by Google (slow intl rollout) and customers (slow internet = bad experience).

I don't think anybody has "won" cloud gaming yet, and I don't know if anyone will. People who use the service that works best for them seem to be quite happy, but the subscriber numbers are just not very big, based on the availability of players for multiplayer matches.

Prediction that I really want to become true: Allen's "new installment of a LucasArts adventure game property." I think it could be announced, not sure it would launch this year.

Most hilarious prediction that is actually feasible: Rich's "Sony or Microsoft will follow the precedent set by the President of Nintendo of America, Doug Bowser, by featuring a business leader named after one of their flagship villains."

Negative prediction that I sadly think could actually happen: Glendon's "Overwatch 2 PVE portion will be delayed indefinitely."

I think Rich is already hosed on the Returnal prediction. Sony/Housemarque announced today that it's been delayed to the end of April. With its release at the beginning of April, I think Outriders will beat it to the punch.

Someone had a prediction that sony would "follow suit" and allow people to play f2p games w/o plus - That's been a thing since day 1. Just wanted to throw that out there in case that kept anyone from trying to play f2p games on PS4/5.

Here are my predictions:


E3 is cancelled for the year.


Breath of the Wild sequel is released in November and features a playable Zelda.


Nintendo releases every single Legend of Zelda game on the Switch for the 35th anniversary. Yes, even Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.

I am not looking back at 2020. No good can come from it.

Pretty safe bets:
- Pandemics become even more of a theme in new games than they already are - not even counting zombie games.
- Beyond Good & Evil 2 will not release in 2021. There won't even be a new trailer.
- Major Cyberpunk 2077 paid DLC will be announced before the game is patched to a mostly bug-free state (Think "The Witcher: Enhanced Edition")
- There still won't be a new NCAA Football game for the forseeable future.

Bold predictions:
- The Cyberpunk sequel (2078?) will be announced, and one major piece of paid DLC will be released before Cyberpunk 2077 ist mostly bug free.
- A new Nier game (not a remaster) is announced for Q3 2022.
- There are two new major games set in the Yakuza universe released in 2021.
- Rise of Nations remastered is announced and released. It does so well that a sequel is announced, which completely fails to capture the magic of the original and sells so poorly that the studio closes. As a result, almost no major RTS sequels are developed for another 10 years.
- A publisher will stop investing in its own storefront. I'm looking at either Ubisoft or EA.
- Not wanting to be left out in the cold after Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding used big hollywood names, Activision will feature Tom Cruise in its next Call of Duty game. We will see butt cheeks.
- Roberts Space Industries buys the International Space Station using crowdfunding, claiming it needs to move its development studios there in order to better create an authentic Star Citizen experience for its players.

- PSVR 2 will be announced for Christmas 2021. It will feature better tracking, resolution and comfort. The ancient move controllers will be replaced with much more accurate Move2 controllers. A PS camera will no longer be necessary. To keep it reasonably affordable, it will still be wired. This will prove to be a serious mistake.
- The new Mad Catz will attempt to return to the world of console peripherals.
- Saints Row V. With Samuel Jackson and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

- Mad Catz develops a VR headset compatible with both PS5 and XBX. It will be wireless and cheaper than the wired PSVR2, leading to good sales until everyone realizes it breaks 1 day after the warranty runs out.
- The Saboteur 2 will be announced. Nobody knows why.
- Nintendo Labo VR add-on: Cardboard Power Gloves. With this setup Nintendo will directly take on the Valve Index at a quarter of the cost.
- Half-Life: Like a Headcrab. Valve's new strategy RPG card game will come out of nowhere, be free to play, and blow everyone away. Your steam trading cards will all be usable in game, leading to a massive surge in market activity. Valve rakes in another cool billion.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

- The Saboteur 2 will be announced. Nobody knows why.

Be still my heart.

As the pandemic continues to rage, post-apocalyptic games will slowly fade away as devs focus more on colorful, lighter fare (see: Immortals: Fenyx Rising; Animal Crossing, Balan Wonderland).

The effect of this won't be realized for a few years, in time for the next pandemic.

AUs_TBirD wrote:

- Saints Row V. With Samuel Jackson and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This brought a hearty chuckle. Thanks!

It'd also, inexplicably, see me try Saints Row, a series I've thus far been out of the loop with.

Even at our boldest, none of us could have seen the dumpster fire that was 2020.

Legions of epidemiologists including yours truly would like a word, but here's my bold prediction for 2020!
My GOTY's first honorable mention, Touken Ranbu, will top the charts of mobile gaming in 2021 after its English localization releases in February! I'm calling it now, the world will be taken over by storm by sord spirits made flesh!

Welp, it looks like Staygold may have actually been too optimistic about Overwatch 2 after all..

We’ll see the first LAARRPGs (Live Action Augmented Reality Roleplaying Games).

I am actually really intrigued by this idea. Combine something like Ingress with a character sheet and maybe a resolution system built in and you could do some really cool things. Or maybe a GM designs a room overlay with interactive objects that would be visible in an overlay. There are some cool possibilities.

Pink Stripes wrote:

Welp, it looks like Staygold may have actually been too optimistic about Overwatch 2 after all..

Nonono. This fits EXACTLY into my plan! PvE releases in 2022. Overwatch 1 expansion (Push, etc. coming this spring)

Mixolyde wrote:
We’ll see the first LAARRPGs (Live Action Augmented Reality Roleplaying Games).

I am actually really intrigued by this idea. Combine something like Ingress with a character sheet and maybe a resolution system built in and you could do some really cool things. Or maybe a GM designs a room overlay with interactive objects that would be visible in an overlay. There are some cool possibilities.

Cat lawyer’s meteoric rise tells me this idea is closer than ever.

Movie theaters will partner with an eSports league for viewings of a tournament.

It will be Rocket League’s RLCS.

*Legion* wrote:

Three Switch Pro predictions! Somebody fetch Clocky.

Mother 3 is going to look amazing on the Switch Pro.

The comments will lock this weekend, so get your boldest in while you can.