RIP Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan, also known as Ambassador Delenn on Babylon 5 amont numerous other roles including Danielle Rousseau on Lost, died of West Nile virus at age 65.

She left a beautiful message on her death bed.

Getting very thin on the main Babylon 5 cast. 60-65 is proving to be a very deadly age for those actresses and actors

I will see you in a little while, in the place where no shadows fall.

I was bummed out to see this. I think I’m getting to the age where I’m more vulnerable to nostalgia, and Babylon 5 was definitely one of my favorites- the show I most associate with my college years. Me and my friend would watch it together in my dorm on my tiny CRT TV with built in VCR. He was a huge Star Trek fan, but eventually came around that Babylon 5 was actually better. Yeah, we were pretty big nerds.

I spent many a Friday night watching B5. She was a standout in a wonderful cast that didn't seem to care that they were on a low-budget sci-fi show and acted their hearts out. For that she will have my eternal gratitude.

RIP Mira. Give Andreas, Jerry, and the rest my regards.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaam that sucks.

To this day, my favorite moment ever in television.

The fact that I instantly recognized her name and that she was on Babylon 5 probably paints my forehead with a fluorescent green NERD sign, but I was really bummed out by this.

Was also surprised that she was only 65. For whatever reason, I thought she was like mid-50s when the show was on.

65 is too young.

This is one of the recent losses that caught me by surprise. RIP.