[Discussion] Police, White Nationalists, and the Rise of Fascism

If the mob was really just in it for lols they would have left Pence in a room with a female staffer.

~mod~ not an appropriate joke then nor here, and in poor taste. - Amoebic

gewy wrote:

Does anyone else occasionally have the extremely bleak thought that we’d be better off if the mob had gotten a hold of Pence or a Democratic target on January 6th? Maybe that would have shocked the country out of its complacent slide toward authoritarianism and even worse violence to come. Maybe there’d be some consequences. Although I’m not sure even then.

This is such a great question: what would have *truly* shocked US citizens? Unfortunately, I think only mass death (police, insurrectionists) might have done it and maybe not even then. If Pence had been killed, that would have only encouraged the MAGA crowd, and the GOP would have been more radicalized with their base. In the current instance, the MAGAS looked like a bunch of Three Stooges buffoons, but now that's a problem, because moderates don't take the threat seriously. If they had executed Congress members, I have a hard time seeing that the response would have been any more dire than it was.

Gabby Giffords was LITERALLY SHOT IN THE HEAD AT POINT-BLANK RANGE, and Democrats didn't grow a spine or start playing hardball. So, no, I don't think a murder in the capitol would measurably move the needle.


GWJ has, from the very beginning, been a place whose purpose has been to be welcoming and inclusive for gamers of all stripes. Has it stumbled or taken longer than is ideal to get to some places or make some decisions? Yes it has, and it has cost us some very valuable members of the community, which we will always regret.

Of course, striving to be that means that people will cross the line. And when people cross the line, action needs to be taken.

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Rawk crossed the line one too many times when they recently used someone's black life as the butt of a joke. Was the intent to be racist? Don't know. Probably not. But, to be honest, I don't really care. To use someone's colour as the butt of a joke is beyond unacceptable. It is incredibly insensitive and not at all in sync with the welcoming and inclusive environment we want GWJ to be.

People look at the actions someone takes and judge them by it. Sometimes all it takes is one action. Other times, lots of smaller actions. All of these actions put together help us form the measure of someone. And when you have the measure of someone, you need to decide what type of relationship you wish to have with them.

That Rawk felt this was an acceptable "joke" to post, combined with the numerous other times their posts have been moderated, has led the mod team to make the decision that Rawk may no longer participate on the GWJ forums as a whole.

The GWJ mod team wants to make this perfectly, 100% clear.

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Not as satire. Not as sarcasm. Not as self-deprecating humour. Not in a joke about how racist cops are.

Making jokes at the expense of black people is not acceptable.

It. Is. Not. Acceptable.