Empire of Sin

GWJ Conference Call Episode 745

Empire of Sin (ps5), Planet Zoo (PC), Hyrule Warriors (Switch), Cloud Gardens (PC), Dark Souls (PS5), Build Day, tweets, shout-outs, and more!

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Build Day: Amanda, Rich, and Glendon talk about all kinds of things character-build related!

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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Character builds wise I tend to be the opposite of a min/maxer. I like games without classes and stats (just give me a sword and shield or a bow and throw me into the fray!) but when there are builds I don’t look anything up, optimisation wise, or even look at the end of skill trees to see where I’m headed. I’ll just skim over the trees and pick the thing that seems to give me the best benefit in that moment. That tends to result in a generalised class that isn’t specced strongly one way or particularly optimal.

In more recent times I do try to at least look ahead in skill trees to see if there is a skill I’d like to loosely aim for.

I used to feel duty bound to go healer in games like World of Warcraft but it did tend to stress me out (raids often felt like bosses vs healers with 29 other people’s wildly fluctuating health bars in between.) I had to give myself permission to play dps classes if I wanted. I can now be healer if it suits and I enjoy it. I suspect I’m actually quite good at it.

Getting me to try other builds is tricky. The daily challenges in Uncharted multiplayer work well to make me experiment with new combinations of gear, mysticals and a.i. companions. Games like WOW and GW2 are good because I create several characters, with different classes, etc, get attached to all of them immediately and then try to give each their time in the spotlight, learning about each class as I go.

00:04:23 Empire of Sin
00:15:35 Planet Zoo
00:26:02 Hyrule Warriors
00:30:12 Cloud Gardens
00:35:32 Outriders
00:38:16 Deep Rock Galactic
00:40:53 Dark Souls
00:45:30 Character Builds
01:09:58 Thread of the Week

Death to kale! I'm strong to the finish cause I eats me spinach!
I'm lunchbox the tanking Goodjer.

Also, thanks for misplacing my tweet. :_(

lunchbox12682 wrote:

I'm strong to the finitch cause I eats me spinitch!




If there is a robust avatar customization and creation system I tend to go for something non-human. If it’s a fantasy world why not BE the fantasy, right?

As far as stats go, I tend to mix it up depending on the game. If the game has a reputation of being easy I will tend to do a charisma build to get the extra dialogue options. If the game has you leading a squad or party I will focus on leadership skills and let the rest of the squad fill their roles. This could be considered min/maxing, or even a charisma build. Sometimes I go off the rails and go heavy in one or two stats for no reason other than to be weird. Sometimes I just want my dude to be smart and I go heavy on INT and WIS. Sometimes I feel like being an ice mage. Sometimes I feel like being a rogue.

If there is a unique stat type that’s not found in many games I will usually go heavy in that, even if I don’t know what it is. Wasteland 3 had toaster repair, so I had to have one guy who was maxed out on that.

I suppose the archetype that I choose most often would be crit-ninja. Which could sometimes be considered a glass cannon, though that’s not how I think about it.

Cheers, y’all!

I'm with those of you who like to do support and tank builds in TTRPGs - I tend to play clerics, paladins, and occasionally multiclass builds including one of those two primary options. My current 5e PC is a Bard 7 (college of Valor)/Paladin 2.

I tend to get a little anxious at the mere idea of not being able to heal the other characters if need be, at least for running campaigns (one-shots are a different matter). I even figured out how to play a medic in a White Wolf: Innocents game once.

In solo games, I tend to tank up - my Commander Shepard in Mass Effect was a Sentinel, for example. I loved that extra armor, especially once I got the ability to use assault rifles and picked up a Mattock.

There was a charity mentioned in the shout-outs from a Tyler that was supposed to be in the show notes? I believe it was mentioned they supported LGBT youth looking for shelter/somewhere to stay? I was hoping the notes would get updated with that info as promised!

Thank you for mentioning it, I apologize for the missing links in the show notes. Thanks again!