Connect 2 BT amplifiers to speakers with same name.. how?


On mu phone, I want to connect two speaker amplifiers via bluetooth, but the two amplifier have the same BT NAME. Is there a way to change the name and have one speaker connect to one and another speaker connect to the other?

Am I making sense?

No, when you say "speaker amplifiers" do you just mean regular old bluetooth speakers? If so, are they designed to work in tandem as a pair?

your phone should be able to detect each BT device, even with the same name.
What I'm unsure, is if your phone can handle connecting to two devices at once, and also sending audio to two devices simultaneously; regardless of their names.

Thanks for the response guys.
At first glance, my common sense tell me to "rename" from my phone the two BT amplifiers that both have the same name. that way, from my phone, I can send music to one or another. Right?