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Q: What the $&%! is Due Process?

A: Due Process is a 5v5 tactical FPS developed by Giant Enemy Crab. In a six-round Due Process match, you’ll play three rounds as a member of an attacking “Enforcer” SWAT team for the Argus Corporation and three rounds as a defending anti-corpo outlaw trying to stick it to The Man. Each round has a planning phase, a setup phase, and then an execution phase where the attackers try to breach a building and defuse a bomb and the defenders try to stop them.

Q: Is this just indie Rainbow Six Siege?

A: It’s that, but it’s so much more! While the broad strokes of gameplay are similar, Due Process has a lot of features and mechanics that set it apart.

  • Due Process characters are not unique “operators” with their own abilities, everyone (on the same team) is the same, and you pick your loadout during the planning phase of each round.
  • Resources for both teams are limited. Dying in a round means your gun and equipment are gone. On the other hand, you can salvage gear from downed enemies and take it into the next round, which can give unique advantages since the two sides have totally different weapons and equipment.
  • The planning phase allows you to formulate strategies with your team by drawing on the map. The stuff you draw during the planning phase are visible to you and your teammates from the first-person view during the execution phase of the round. So you can mark key sightlines, spots to throw a smoke grenade, pathways through the building, etc. Or just draw penises.
  • Perhaps most importantly, all the maps in Due Process are procedurally generated. There are currently three map tilesets (with more coming), and each week the developers generate a new batch, tweak them for balance, and patch them into the game. With the maps changing each week, it’s not possible to memorize layouts, a stale meta where everyone just uses the same optimum routes and camping spots is avoided.

Due Process also has a unique retro art style which some have described as “PS1-like” but to me is more specifically most reminiscent of 90’s arcade shooter Time Crisis. (Click spoiler for screenshots)





Q: This game sounds like it requires a lot of teamwork and communication… how’s the community?

A: I’ve played about a dozen matches so far, and in every one there were other people talking with mics, and I have yet to encounter a single toxic person. More experienced players have been helpful in trying to coach newbies, and nobody gets too bothered by a mis-timed flashbang or accidental teamkill. There is also an active Discord server where people LFG and give feedback to the devs, and the game has a fledgling competitive scene.

Q: Speaking of the devs, what do they have planned for the future of the game?

A: Click the spoiler tag for a roadmap graphic.



Q: How can I play Due Process?

A: Due Process is currently in Early Access on Steam. The regular price is $25.00, but the game is currently on a 50% off weekend sale.

Customary closing video dump!

I was thinking, "I've heard of this before." And that brought me back to PAX Prime 2014. There was a tactical shooter in the Indie area that got a lot of attention. I never tried it out because there was always too much of a line. One of the devs was excitedly talking to folks, when I passed by once, about how they scrounged up friends gaming pcs to set up for PAX.

Awesome to see this getting out there in early access. I've thought of it occasionally over the years, mostly curious if it was still in development.

PC Gamer article from 2014

Thanks for the context and vids about this game. Just picked it up and looking forward to trying it out. What shined for me is the obvious procedural maps but also the selection of weapons that are limited and don't respawn so careful selection and use is recommended. Rainbow Six Siege is fun but learning all the maps and the operators is very intimidating.

50% off sale has been extended to the 14th

Interested! But need to find equally awful players to group up with.

The developers are currently streaming creation of a new set of maps using the factory tileset


Tip for those trying out this game that I played way too many matches before noticing: this game has a "brace aim" function (Mouse3 by default) which is kind of a state in-between hip-fire and ADS. ADS in this game is very slow, and "brace aim" gives you a laser pointer aim dot on some guns (though not all) whereas hipfire has no visible aiming point on screen at all. For this reason I highly recommend getting used to using "brace aim" and only ADS'ing while holding angles and for long shots.

ok, figured it's on sale so why not. Any interest in playing together?

A part of me wanted this to slip a little in the spiritual void that SWAT 4 left in my heart.

R6:Siege just didn't do it for me for different reasons, but maybe I need to go back and try co-op again.

I'm watching this game, for sure.

Dakhath wrote:

ok, figured it's on sale so why not. Any interest in playing together?

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