GOTY Interviews

GWJ Conference Call Episode 743

2020 GWJ Game of the Year Interview Series: Glendon, Amanda, and Shawn.

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Each 2020 GWJ Game of the Year Interview episode contains a few one-on-one interviews with some of our favorite regular and guest hosts! After the last episode airs on January 6th, there will be a front-page post on with everyone’s lists and a link to their episode to avoid spoilers.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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Show credits


Production by Jonathan Downin, Amoebic.


00:00:40 Rich's Best Games of 2020
00:36:12 Aaron's Best Games of 2020
01:05:09 Allen's Best Games of 2020

Great lists.

I left my play through of Kentucky Route Zero standing outside the bar where you meet June Bug. I wanted to let the fifth episode come out before continuing. I might not have gotten back to the game at all if not for Eleima's Adventure Game Club. When the game was chosen as the next one for us to play I fired it back up. After trying to remember if my characters had just been in the bar and come out or had just arrived at the bar and needed to go in, I did the latter and had the incredible experience you describe Aaron. From that point on it felt like the game moved on from being the fun, surreal point and click adventure to a game with a singular vision and voice that had a lot to say about it's characters and the communities they live in and said those things with astonishing artistry and efficiency.

Kentucky Route Zero would have been high on my game of the year list if I hadn't played it over multiple years. I probably should have given it an honourable mention.

"You need to play the games that are going to make you happy" was a great closing remark by Aaron.