Outriders - Catch All

I fired up GWJ and Youtube during breakfast this morning and was overtaken with New Game Release Eve Hype. Pre-ordered for PS4 despite the technical performance being a bit shaky during the demo. My infatuation with Remnant From the Ashes has run its course for now and I have space in my TPS heart for a new obsession. Hope PCF was not merely paying lip service and those promised bug ironings and performance optimizations are fully realized in the retail version. But shame on me for pre-ordering if they end up falling well short!

FWIW, they patched the demo several times and have been very responsive during the course of the demo. So, here's hoping!

Some news for the new options/missions/. Some light spoilers?

I'm not sure if I should keep playing with the "switch to highest world tier" option turned on while playing solo. There are a ton of enemies all the time and I'm just a solo healer. Luckily, it's not infinite enemies, so I might be ok once I figure out the flow of my skills. Also, I'm probably just bad with this sniper. Trying to line up a headshot with 13 guys shooting at you seems tough to me, but it's like the preferred weapon in my class for healing and damaging.

You will need to mix up your playstyle until you get more mods and skills and more familiar with the weapons and game. Note that in the sniper section of the talent tree for your class has what seems to be a critical skill that reduces the attack range required for long range attack bonuses.

Also, I have found that certain attack skills have really long range and work much better for sniping than long ranged weapons.

The melee skill ("f" key) is critical in many situations. It is especially helpful when surrounded or when dealing with chargers.

3 more hours to go

Yeah, I remember using the melee was a necessity when I played trickster in the demo, but everyone was running that and I'm a sucker for the healer class so I decided to run that for my first(possibly only) full game character. It's crazy watching videos and it's mostly people rolling with tricksters solo and i'm just thinking, "i can't do those things lol.

I'm sure It gets better once I figured things out. I just unlocked tools of destruction and I'm ready to rock out with the rocket launcher that's also a mini gun

I also see that the world levels drastically slow down, which is nice. The video you posted there said at lvl 15 world tier 7 was pretty rough. I feel like we were getting a new world tier at almost every other character level in the demo. I got to world tier 6 only a few minutes into the full game and hit level 9 after a couple missions to get my next skill. I'm wondering if I look back on this struggle in a week or so and just think, "man I had no idea what the hell I was doing back then"

I love release days so much, it's not often I get to experience this much excitement nowadays.

Thank you for the character looks' modification tip, I guess I won't be restarting then.

Got to Level 10 WT6 as Devastator:

Withering barrage of enemy hitscan fire requires a lot of hiding behind walls and ironically reveals the flaws in the already infamously mediocre sticky cover system. Often feels like I’m still taking hits while fully sheltered. There’s an elegance to games like Destiny and DOOM that make you feel like a badass for dodging enemy projectiles for the most part.

Shooting mechanics sometimes feel too floaty. It feels like my character is skating around. Tuning down the aim sensitivity has helped somewhat.

The travel map is confusing and immediately off putting to use. I hope these flags I’m planting allow me to resume these really long quests from a shut down.

Never a steady 30fps on the PS4 but I guess that’s to be expected. The HDR is just okay.

The auto loot setting is confusing: if I set it to Common it only loots Common. Shouldn’t it be inclusive of all higher rarifities? When I set it to Legendary it doesn’t auto loot lower rarities that’s for sure.

Still lots of audio glitches and choppy cutscene transitions.

I sound super critical but I’m having fun. Tempted to go back to Trickster though as the Dev is feeling rather basic and conventional.

I'm really trying not to go back to trickster, but I'm wondering if the demo shed any light on the classes and how that one class seems to be the favorite by far. Which means they need to beef up the other 3 somehow.

Technomancer apparently is the easiest to solo at end game. By easiest I mean the build is super simple while not losing any effectiveness. There is a mod that adds 30 rounds on kill so technos can permanently keep up their toxic rounds buff for example. We will definitely have to see in the coming weeks. People have completed the campaign but just started the end game so many things will change.

One of the things I have found that no one is talking about is the mod that generates shield on hit. I do see a lot of popularity in the mods that do lightning damage on hit and the ones that do massive explosion damage on kill. Those seem like easy wins but if Diablo 3 is any guide, there will be stranger and more powerful min/max in the coming months for sure. Plus weapon preference will start to add variety to the field. I typically don't like shotguns in this game but the auto shotguns are much nicer to use.

edit: damn if I am not salivating just from talking about all this...
@Maclintok - they added a frame rate slider for cutscenes. I think/hope it is available on consoles...

@fangblackbone: I was LOLing at how shaky the camera continued to be but did discover a “smoothing” setting while browsing options during a mission. Cranked it all the way to the other side.

WTF? its 9:02 PDT ...

And, restart steam because there is a patch, sigh

In the downloads section (Steam), it has started to unpack, but it's telling me it will take anywhere from 40min to 6hrs to launch the game...

Good to know about that patch. Will put console into Rest mode while I work!

I have unlocked super extra ultra hard mode. Spawned in as my level 7 Techno with no HUD. Try sniping. It's fun. Updating drivers to see if that fixes it.

Wow, it hasn't been that long since I played and I'm rusty. It could be a few things:
I am doing content I haven't done before.
I decided to buck the trend and play the devastator instead of the seemingly more common trickster and techno.
I liked the dev so much I didn't want to over play it during the demo so I have to get reacquainted.
Another side effect of not playing the dev too much is I haven't spent time getting and min/maxing gear.

Still having a ton of fun.
@staygold - I had that problem and I just relogged and everything came back.

Doh! Just crashed out. Its error 00032 all over again

I guess I will stick with the Devastator for now. I came into the retail version wearing a bunch of Reflect Bullet gear so I tried that out for a while. Not really my taste since it's very passive and useless against melee mobs. It's been fun using the air smash skill but I get myself into YOLO positions if not aimed correctly. So I currently have skills mapped to Earthquake, Golem and the Spike and fortunately have a bunch of gear to augment those skills. Having 2 Earthquakes to use before cooldown is great!

So far I haven’t been able to join random multiplayer. Is there any issue or am I just doing it wrong? It just gives me a creating game please wait screen forever.

Nomad wrote:

So far I haven’t been able to join random multiplayer. Is there any issue or am I just doing it wrong? It just gives me a creating game please wait screen forever.

I know they said there was an issue between PC and console for now. I was able to join at midnight EST, but the connections were bad. I have not been able to join today, but I only tried for a bit and then I got kicked off the server in the middle of fighting a named captain guy...after he died...probably lost my drops

I'm still almost 8 hours away from being able to play. Glad I've got time tomorrow morning to dig in for 4 straight hours.

Loving the game. I have heard it has questionable voice acting so just do what I do and turn off the sound. The bits of the story are interesting and I dig the attention given to some of the side quests.

My dev is level 12 and is running eq, impale and gravity leap. I am getting some great mods though I am woefully collecting a mere pittance of what is available. I thought I was doing better but I am at a fraction of a fraction

It is really funny how when you are gaining levels you just throw on whatever. But when you aren't leveling you start filling up the slots with cohesive pieces.

I somehow completely missed this game as a thing. I'll watch with interest for everyone's impressions. Maybe something I'll pick up a bit down the road.

It’s “free” on game pass for Xbox.

You have to try it on game pass. You won't be disappointed

The first boss is tough if not long. Got it down though!

Keep getting disconnected midfight

I got disconned during a cutscene and had to fight an elite captain again. Luckily it saved the loot from the first kill so I get double loot ;P

Finished the second major area. Liked the enemy and scenery swap out!

Technomancer with mods supporting toxic bullets and a good sniper is still ridiculous. It’s nice to run a machine gun alongside for when you need to clear piles of enemies but the sheer stopping power of toxic bullets is wild. I haven’t had to swap my level 9 gear out (level 14 now) simply because I’m still just melting things faster than they can touch me. I am thinking about deconstructing my old gear to grab the mods and actually wearing level appropriate gear though.

Looks like they got caught up in the Microsoft Azure outages throughout the day, so hopefully the connection issues will subside as they recover. There are still other issues (HDR on PC is borked), which if the demo had not been so solid would likely feel less egregious.