Any GWJer architects?

Building a new house. Would love to see these 2D plans in 3D. And an exterior model of the house. My actual architect is an old guy who doesnt know how to use 3d software.


There are at least two of us. I'm swamped, but maybe mrtomaytohead has time.

Actually, I think I'd like to set my sighs a little bit higher. I think I'd like to be a city planner.

Well, I wasn't really cut out for art school. Had to get rid of my tilty desk too, but I still have my big ruler!

Does sketchup still exist or did they monetize it away from the poors? If so I recall it being pretty layman-friendly.

I'm not sure what the old model was, but I looked at it now, and current Sketchup isn't bought, it's licensed, and has a high yearly fee.

I mean, by architect standards it's probably pretty cheap, but by the standards of people who probably wouldn't use it that often, it's pricey, and keeps costing.

Sketchup 2017 the last free version and its available from Sketchup's website. It's not exactly being maintained, but it's still a perfectly fine design tool.

If you search you can still find older versions of sketchup. In version 7 you can reference in CAD or image files which is really useful but they removed it in later versions unless you paid.

I use sketchup for modelling and it is excellent. Not for producing plans but a quick and relatively easy way to produce a 3D. The old versions are absolutely fine. We have the paid-for Sketchup Vray extension for renders and it is a fussy thing to use but works well.

To TBird's point, I'm not practicing architecture any more. I've moved on a bit - but still very much in the same 'world' as it were. I have some random version of Sketchup, too, and it's great for what it is. But as yreg already mentioned, it's not good for outputting 2D plans. My old office used a separate program for rendering our 3D models. I, unfortunately missed being the one to do that by being a few years too early, and don't have experience with producing good renders.

At home I have a copy of a free cad programme called nanocad. Absolutely perfect copy of autocad for your 2d needs.

Late to the party, but my wife is an architect. DM me if you're still looking for help.