GOTY Interviews

GWJ Conference Call Episode 742

2020 GWJ Game of the Year Interview Series: Glendon, Amanda, and Shawn.

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Each 2020 GWJ Game of the Year Interview episode contains a few one-on-one interviews with some of our favorite regular and guest hosts! After the last episode airs on January 6th, there will be a front-page post on with everyone’s lists and a link to their episode to avoid spoilers.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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Show credits


Production by Jonathan Downin, Amoebic.


A great listen. Enjoyed hearing everyone’s lists and favourite gaming moments.

I’m now trying to think of scary but not gory horror games. The demo for ‘Slenderman the eight pages’ scared the crap of me but that mythology is tied into tragic events in the real world. The first Amnesia is supposed to be scary and I played a good portion of Project Zero (apparently called ‘Zero’ in Japan and ‘Fatal Frame’ in the US) a game about photographing ghosts that wasn’t gory as far as I remember but was clunky. It may not be available on current hardware.

Probably the scariest, non-violent movie I know is the Japanese version of ‘The Ring.’

00:01:00 Glendon's Best Games of 2020
00:34:43 Amanda's Best Games of 2020
01:03:50 Shawn's Best Games of 2020

Okay, so I had to pause midway, but... Staygold... you can’t mention that EPIC moment and not link it. That’s right, I clipped it for posterity, and yes, it’s even more impressive now that I’ve actually played Outer Wilds myself. Just bonkers, mad skillz indeed!

Shout out to Deep Rock Galactic in both Amoebic and Staygold's lists. Such a great game to play with GWJers this year.

May 17th, 2020 - 2 giant-headed babies ran around until the wee hours making wishes & talking about life on an idyllic, tailored to your specifications escapism island.

Thank you for the shoutout, Meebs. ♥ We will see eachother again.

That's amazing, thank you for sharing. <3